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Monday, December 16, 2013

Robbery, Training, more Training, and Referrals!

Once again, this week has FLOWN by!!!  It's so SO crazy how fast things are going by - I am already to the end of my 1st Transfer!  But the only thing changing for me right now is that Saturday night. Elder Shipp got called by President Cutler as the new District Leader, and they have now split our Madison Zone into the Madison East/Madison West Zones, because there were too many missionaries and everything!  So yeah, that still doesn't change much for me.  ;) 
But hey, this last week was kind of strange because of all of the trainings I got to go to. On Tuesday morning we got ready super SUPER fast because we got picked up by the DeForest Elders (up North) to go to the Zone Training Meeting.  We got to the meeting and I was helping the Zone Leaders get some things ready for everything, and then it started.  Our Zone Leader - Elder Carter - was having a really hard time because he had gotten a phone call the night before by the President to tell him that his grandmother had just passed away.  So, he was pretty stressed about things, but he ended up doing really well for being so stressed out.  I hope things work out for him!  But later in the day, we went to go to an appointment that we had, but nobody was home when we went.  So, we got back on the bus and went back home, to find everything in our apartment to be completely ransacked! I was freaking out pretty well because hey, we had just gotten robbed!  All of our drawers were thrown on the floor, our room was trashed, and the things that they had taken were all of our watches and all of my change and all of my tie clips and stuff...  So, we have the other Elders come over to check it out, and after about an hour of me being freaked out, Elder Shipp pulls out his camera and starts recording me.  He says "This is Elder Hubert, and we just got robbed..." And then the English Elders yell "BY US!!!"  So as it turns out, it was just a huge prank because the English Elders have a key to our apartment!!!  AND they have been planning it since before I came out here...  RUDE!  But hey, super super funny...  ;)

On Wednesday, we got our hair cut because the place wasn't open on Monday, and then we had a lesson with a Recent Convert family, which went pretty rough.  They have a 13 year old boy who basically plays Video Games all day rather than read the scriptures, but hey, with time I think he will realize how much benefit we can have from the scriptures.  But we promised them that the next time we come, we'll make Gingerbread Houses together!  So we'll be doing that this coming Wednesday...  :)  So stoked!  Then we had English Class and Soccer, which was fun as usual!
On Thursday, we had to wake up at 5:30 and got picked up at 6:30 to go to Oshkosh for the 1-6 week training for all of us trainees who got here on November 5th.  So, we went to that!  And I loved a lot of the things that were said, but I forgot my notebook today so I can't tell you some stuff.  But, we were issued a challenge by the Assistants to talk to 10 people every day outside of our other plans, which is a really hard thing to do, but they gave us a very specific promise.  They said that if we do that, we will get 3 new investigators every week.  That is a big deal, so now I've been doing my very best!  It is super hard to do that though, but I have been doing lots better, like getting up to 6 a lot of the time, but the people don't typically want to stay and talk outside when it's below 0 degrees...  Crazy, huh?  But I've been doing a lot better, and have been feeling the benefits of that.  But the training was great, and basically I love our assistants.  I learned so much about some things that I can do up there, and had some really great role-plays where I learned a lot.  I just hope that I keep branching out and keep learning from my experiences!  :D 
On Friday, we got to go and contact an out-of-the-way referral that we got from our Sisters.  So, we make our way out to this guy's house, and it takes us forever, but when we finally get there and knock on it, the man comes to the door and barely cracks it open.  He speaks Spanish, so we know we're at the right place, and ask how he is.  He tells us that he's really sick and can't come it, but then we asked him if he knew who we are, and he said yes, because when he was younger, he served a mission for our same church in Argentina!  So, this guy is a complete member of the church, as inactive as he might be...  It was so funny!  Then when we asked the Sisters about it, they said that he had told them that he was a missionary for HIS church, but had failed to mention that HIS church was also OUR church!  :D  Just a super funny experience...  It was great...  :)
We also contacted Ezekiel again and he said that we could come back!  :)
On Saturday, we spent our entire day in the Raymond area of the city of Madison.  We walked around offering the old ladies shoveling their walks some help shoveling, and all of them shooed us away and said that they didn't need our help.  They were so rude about it!  But hey, they have their agency...  We also went and contacted a bunch of people inside of some apartments over there, and got to get into a couple houses and got a whole bunch of return appointments!  Super great!  And also I saw a girl get arrested outside of a gas station...  It was kind of scary... 

KING of the ROCK!!!
And on Sunday we just went to church, which is always great.  I love Sundays!  We also had a lunch appointment right after church, which was super delicious!  :D  Nothing really happened that day because Elder Shipp had to do phone calls with the District Leader and our appointment wasn't home, but we did have Spanish Movie Night last night!  We found an old VHS of Johnny Lingo in Spanish that we watched - it was great!  :D
But I do want to share a scripture with you guys.  I found this this last week during my studies and it has really been helping me as I work and has been helping me to be more diligent through it all.  The scripture is 3rd Nephi 13:21 which reads ''For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." I love that so much because it causes me to treasure up the experiences that I've been having as a missionary and the ones that I am excited that I will be getting.  :)  Because if you treasure something up, it will mean that much more to you.  :)
I love you all!  The church is true!  Feliz navidad!

Caught playing the piano! (My secret is out!)


Elder Nathan Hubert

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