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Monday, March 30, 2015

So basically I'm the FBI, or Batman. Take your pick.

Dang I was super scared as I got on the computer today, because they started doing something new with the Missionary Email Website, and it was having some bugs when I first got on, but now I'm on so I'm pretty stoked about that.  :)  I'm just going to start out by going over the highlights of my week:

Monday during the day was crazy - mostly because when we got to see all of the changes that were happening for transfers and it threw us all for a loop.  But hey, nothing happened with us!  Elder Evans and I are staying another transfer together!  This is a great companionship though - we both love to work and we get along together great, especially when a person has a guitar at their house because then Elder Evans plays the guitar and I sing, and we basically just win people's hearts over that way.  :P

But Monday night we had a great visit with a family in the Branch over here.  They are the Miralrio family (translated in English their last name means "Look at the river"), and they have a very special place in my heart.  First of all, they are converts of a couple years and have a super strong conversion to the gospel.  However, due to his work schedule (he owns a soccer shop and refs some soccer leagues - super awesome) he hasn't been able to make it to church a lot of the time, but we taught them from the Book of Mormon using where they were reading (I don't recall where) and talked about the commandments, Enduring to the End, and doing all things possible in order to attend the temple (which they haven't done yet as a family).  The best part is that they were totally on board to doing all of the things we talked about it, and I know that they meant it because later on in the week, on Sunday, they showed up to church all together and stayed the whole time!  :D  I'm so excited for this family!  :D

Tuesday was awesome because neither Elder Evans or I had to pack our bags because we were getting transferred, so that was a big stress reliever.  Then, we got a call from the Assistants (who are some of our best friends over here) and they asked us to come over to the mission home to take out the new Spanish Missionary who arrived in Milwaukee that day, so we were all over that!  We went over and picked up Elder Cameron Fry from Orem Utah, and apparently he knows tons of the people I know, including my little sister Sarah!  "It's a small world after all..."  No lie.  He keeps on mentioning people that he knows, and I'm like "Holy cow, you know them?!  ME TOO!!"  Super crazy.  But we went out with him for like 2-3 hours and it was awesome!  We taught something like 12 lessons - I forget - but it was super amazing and I hope he had a good experience with it.  He'll be a good missionary though!  He's getting trained by my former companion Elder Miller so he'll be working hard.  :)

Wednesday was a stressful day because it was transfer day, and we had to be in charge of the Milwaukee Transfer Point, helping missionaries put their luggage in the right places, keeping them quiet, trying to help other missionaries not mess around so much...  Stuff like that.  It basically took up our entire day!  The first thing we did that didn't involve transfers was go to Annette Ruiz's house and teach a lesson to her family from D&C 121, ensuring them that no matter the trial, that if we endure it well God will exalt us on high.  That was a miracle.

Thursday was cool because we got to go to the mission home again to have interviews with President Cutler.  My interview was really good - just talked with him about some various insights that we had recently from our studies.  It was sweet!  The scary part of the day was when we had President Cutler come out with us that night to teach some lessons...  I mean, it had the potential of being scary, but it really wasn't that scary.  :P  I just acted like I always do so i wasn't really scared.  But, we taught the Velasco's which was awesome, and we also taught the Roman family and they are progressing well too!  We're just hoping that soon they'll commit to doing something.

The next awesome thing that happened with my week was on Friday, where I was able to do my first baptismal interview for one of Elder Miller's investigators named Maria, and she passed so that was really good!  :D  

She was baptized Sunday morningbefore church, and then during church she and Leti Velasco were confirmed members of the church - what a miracle!  :D  Such progression in such short time - what a blessing it is to see the gospel change and morph someone's lives and help them be better.

But yeah!  That was my week!  It was pretty action-packed, you know.  Basically, I'm Batman.  That's why.  Actually, something funny that happened this week is that Elder Evans and I were in a hurry, and were in our suits, and had to stop by a store to grab something really quick, so we kinda ran into the store and were speed-walking through it, and all of the people in the store thought that we were the FBI or something, and that we were there to make an arrest...  :P  We only know that because they told us later.  :P  FUNNY!  :D  I hope that all of you have a great week!  This is Elder Hubert's Weekly Wisconsin Report - signing out.....

--Elder Nate Hubert

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mission Conference, Baptism, Last week of trasnsfer

Friends, nobles, countrymen.  I was trying to think of a creative way that I could start out my email, and that was the only thing I could think of.  There you go...  BAM - creativity.  :P  I'm kind of in a weird mood right now - it is kind of like I'm really sad that it snowed this morning, and I'm really tired because I was up late last night, and I'm really excited because transfers are on Wednesday...  Mix that up all together and what do you get?  A feeling-weird-elder-hubert-smoothie...  Yummm...

Milwaukee Zone
But yeah, to update you on the goings on of the missshhhhh...  

Monday evening was super amazing because at 7:00 we got to go over to the Mission Home (President Cutler's house) for an FHE with his family and the Velasco Family.  (There are probably photos of this on the mission blog).  But yeah, it was super awesome!  We spent the first part getting to know each other, and then we had a song, and then Sister Cutler shared a favorite scripture, adn then President Cutler handed me an ensign and had me choose a favorite quote, but I think I did a decent job at that with the 2 minute warning I got.  Then, their 16-year-old daughter Megan shared a spiritual thoght about CHrist and the last week of his life.  It was really good!  And then we played Catch Phrase and had dessert, and we headed out for a lesson and the Velasco's stayed there and socialized for a while longer.  During our lesson, which was with the Angeles family, we taught about the Restoration adn committed Victor, Blaca, Brandon, and Harvey all to baptism in May, and they are super excited!  We'll keep you posted!

Elder Evans and Elder Hubert
One good thing about this week is that we didn't have any exchanges.  Don't get me wrong, I love exchanges!  But this transfer, having to go on so many exchanges, has kind of ruined it for me.  They seem more like a chore now than anything, but they are still fun!
One family that we've been working with who are super awesome is the Hernandez family, who are from Jalisco Mexico.  They are really promising and love the missionaries, so we're really excited for them to start progressing.  We had a lesson with them on Thursday and we read from the Book of Mormon, and they really like it and committed to read it!  :)
Friday night was cool because we got to go on a 2-hour exchange while Elder Evans went with Elder Miller so that Elder Miller could do Leti's baptismal interview, and I went with Elder Phillips to talk to their main investigator Maria Capistran who is prepping to get baptized.  :)  She seems cool!

Saturday was amazing because we got to go to the church early - at like 7:30 - because we were having a huge mission-wide meeting.  All of the missionaries from the entire mission -  like 230 of us - all met down in Milwaukee to hear from Elder Craig C. Christensen of the presidency of the 70 and another guy too.  It was so powerful, and one crazy part is that Elder Evans and I got a shout out from our mission president when he showed a photo of us and the Velasco's at his house and talked all about us and them.  :P  The meeting was cool though!  I'd say more but I'm running out of time!  And then that night I had dinner in Waukesha because some of the branch members live out there, so I got to stop by the Schuenke's house (some Waukesha friends) and say hi right before dinner, and that was super sweet!!!  :D  I love that family!

Waukesha friends
More Waukesha friends
Sunday was a miracle day because Leti Velasco, our amazing investigator, was able to be baptized.  It was an event that was 20-years in the making, and she finally made that choice to enter those waters.  :)  There are photos on DropBox.  :D 

Anyways, it was a good week!  I love you tons!
--Elder Nate Hubert

Monday, March 23, 2015

First Zone Training, AP Exchange, and Branch Conference!

Greeting everybody!  We had a really good week this last week!  Our zone has significantly improved in the people that they're teaching, especially in the great investigators who are actually progressing towards baptism, which is always a good sign!  :D  

The Black Pearl
Last Monday, we had a really great lesson with the Angeles family where we taught them the Plan of Salvation and were able to promise them that they would see their son again.  It was very spiritual and I don't really want to go into details, but it was a very special experience.  :)

Driving the 12 seater 

On Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting at the church building, where basically the zone meets together and we get to train them!  It was really cool though, because we go to train about Priesthood Power and how the amount of priesthood power and authority we have is all conditional on our personal righteousness and our keeping our covenants, which for missionaries includes the promise to be completely obedient to everything he's asked us to do, so that was really good!  :D  We also did a fun little dress-up role play about asking for referrals.  Basically what happened is I dressed up as 3 different people and it was really fun.  :)

On the streets of Old Milwaukee
In Old Milwaukee Town
After the meeting though, we went on exchanges with the Muskego Lakes elders, where we had a lot of success. First of all, we met this Puerto Rican lady and had a lesson with her, teaching her the restoration, and then we set a baptismal date with her!  So, that was a miracle!  Later on, we talked to a man who is returning to activity all about the Plan of Salvation, and then we taught a guy who's in the army about Captain Moroni and how it's important to fight for freedom overseas, but also to fight for our families every single day in this 'battleground' here at home.  

Elder Hubert and Elder Thatcher
Wednesday, we exchanged  back and Elder Evans and I had a little bit of time to work together, including an awesome lesson with the Velasco family where we talked about tithing.  :)  Then, that night at 9 we started ANOTHER exchange, but this time it was with the Assistants to the President.  I was with Elder Stephens (sorry I didn't take any photos) and we had a good old time.  Throughout the entire next day, we were able to teach a bunch of people and find even more people, and I was able to learn from Elder Stephens a lot.

Friday night was cool because we had a lesson with the Palacios family, and for whatever reason there were like TONS of kids there!  So we taught about the Atonement and how Christ makes us clean again, and then got a photo with them...  :P

With the Palacios
Sunday we had Branch Conference where the Stake President basically just told the branch, in the nicest way possible, that they need to step it up a little bit.  Or a lot bit...  :P  The meeting took a turn for the worst when at the end of church, a 79 year old member fell down the stairs.  We had to call 911 about it, but don't worry he's fine!  Later that day we had a meeting with the Mission President and everything to discuss the work in the stake, and that was a very productive meeting.  We discussed the needs that needed to be addressed, and that was cool!  :D

Why I'm fat!
I love you all so mcuh!  Life is doing great over here in Milwaukee, except my mailbox has been dry recently...  :'(  But that's okay!  Life goes on!  :D

I hope you each have a wonderful week and that you're able to see miracles!

--Elder Nate Hubert

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life on the Other Side

This last week was a pretty good one, but it was different for sure!!!  

Tuesday we had a crazy morning with picking up some elders and taking them to the stake center, where we met the other missionaries, piled into the mission's 12-passenger van, and drove to Kenosha (a city between Milwaukee and Chicago) for a Zone Conference.  Because of weather conditions, we arrived 5 minutes before the conference was supposed to start, and that's when things got weird.  Instead of sitting in the congregation as usual, I had to sit up on the stand and everything.  I mean, it's not super weird, it's just not something I'm used to.  But luckily we only had to do that for like 10 minutes because then President Cutler started giving trainings so we went out to the congregation so we could see him.  :)  The conference was good, and it was awesome because I got to see my old companion Elder David Wise!  I love that kid!!!  Also, we got to give a training to our zone, so that went pretty well!  We talked a bit more about Abinadi and his example for us and everything.
Me and Elder Rytting from PGHS
Me and Elder Lee from GB
Another weird day was Thursday.  Usually it's pretty jammed full because of Weekly Planning anyways, but this week, halfway through weekly planning, we got a call from the Assistants asking us to go run an errand for them, an errand that involved us switching cars with 2 other companionships of elders, spending time in the mission office, and packing up a whole bunch of stuff!  I mean, I was SO glad to help the senior couples in the office and the Assitants too, but we never really got to weekly plan again...  :P  But hey, the Assistants were in the middle of a 6-hour drive when they asked us to do that so I'm glad I got to help!  :)

Me and Sister Weaver
Spanish Zone Leaders
Then the next day was Friday.  We had had the Kenosha zone leaders spend the night with us the night before and then we once again piled into the 12-passenger van and this time drove to Oshkosh for the Mission Leadership Council, a really cool kind of a meeting where all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet together to council about various things in the mission.  It was cool because we got to set goals, and I liked it because I actually had something to say, and people actually listened to me!  :)  Hoorah!

Funny assistant training
But on the other front - the investigators' front - thigns are going pretty well!  We are progressing greatly with Leti Velasco, although we had to push back her date because she wasn't keeping the word of wisdom.  However, after the lesson we left with all of their coffee - they gave it to us.  :P  We threw it away after taking photos with it.  The Palacios family is great, but they didn't come to church again so we're pretty upset about that - we're not sure what else we can do.

But hey!  That's the update from life out here!  :D

Love you all so much!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

--Elder Nate Hubert

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Milwaukee Week 2 - ABINADI ZONE

Hey everybody!  So I think this new outline for weekly emails is going to be what I stick to, as long as I have this limited time that I do here in Milwaukee.  So, I'm just going to run through things that stuck out to me this week, and things that were miracles, and similar things.  :)  I hope you enjoy!

Milwaukee Spanish District
On Tuesday after district meeting, Elder Evans and I called a special Zone Council-type meeting.  We have that special opportunity because all of the members of our zone meet at the same church building every Tuesday for DTM, so we just took like 20 minutes of their day and talked to them for a bit.  We talked about ways that we could be better as missionaries, to have an 'Urgency to Baptize' as our Mission President has been pushing for - because success in the work starts with having urgent missionaries.  We compared ourselves to Abinadi - a fantastic BofM missionary who gave everything he had.  He gave his ALL until the very last moment - until his mission was over.  We have a lot of missionaries in our zone who are finishing their missions soon, and they are 'tuning out' early - they stop working as hard as they can.  However, this new zone goal that we have is to become a Zone of Abinadis!  So, at the end of each txt that we send to the zone, it says #abinadizone (yeah, we're into that whole social network thing too...  :P) and it is working!  The zone is PUMPED and it shows because of the great miralces they're seeing and the numbers they're putting out!  So, I'm pretty pumped about that!  

Later that day, I began exchanges with Elder Phillips, a newish missionary (he came out with Elder Norris) and it was cool to be able to talk to him about life, about his mission experiences so far, and about what he wishes he could change.  We had a good exchange, espeicalyl because their area has been struggling to find new people, and we were able to find 6 new people together and show them how to do it, so now they're going to be able to reap those blessings in their own area!

We saw another great miracle on Friday as we went to a bunch of appointments that we had planned, and saw the hand of the Lord as we realized that these people have been prepared for us and our message.  Elder Evans and I taught this amazing Puerto Rican family, and it's super strange because one of their sons is white as can be with RED HAIR!  But he's Puerto Rican so that's cool i guess.  :P
We then started exchanges with the other Spanish companionship, and I went with Elder Lee who has been out for 3 months longer than I hvae.  But hey, it was still a good exchange because together we were able to teach 3 power lessons, and 1 with a bunch of members present and were able to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this woman in a very personal way, like it was a gift from the Savior to us.  It was awesome, and I think it really helped us gain the trust of the members that had come with us.  :)

I love being a missionary though!  There are so many miracles that we've been able to see every single day!  Now I don't say this to be cocky or anything, but during the last 2 weeks, Elder Evans and I have been able to find 30 new investigators - all part of families that are now receiving great blessings because of the gospel.  :)  I love it SO much!  

This next week is going to be fun - tomorrow we have Zone Conference where we have to give some trainings, and then on Friday we have Mission Leadership Council where we get to go and do some leadership training, so I guess I'll let you know how that is!  :P  until next week!  Love you tons!
--Elder Nate Hubert