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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Milwaukee Week 2 - ABINADI ZONE

Hey everybody!  So I think this new outline for weekly emails is going to be what I stick to, as long as I have this limited time that I do here in Milwaukee.  So, I'm just going to run through things that stuck out to me this week, and things that were miracles, and similar things.  :)  I hope you enjoy!

Milwaukee Spanish District
On Tuesday after district meeting, Elder Evans and I called a special Zone Council-type meeting.  We have that special opportunity because all of the members of our zone meet at the same church building every Tuesday for DTM, so we just took like 20 minutes of their day and talked to them for a bit.  We talked about ways that we could be better as missionaries, to have an 'Urgency to Baptize' as our Mission President has been pushing for - because success in the work starts with having urgent missionaries.  We compared ourselves to Abinadi - a fantastic BofM missionary who gave everything he had.  He gave his ALL until the very last moment - until his mission was over.  We have a lot of missionaries in our zone who are finishing their missions soon, and they are 'tuning out' early - they stop working as hard as they can.  However, this new zone goal that we have is to become a Zone of Abinadis!  So, at the end of each txt that we send to the zone, it says #abinadizone (yeah, we're into that whole social network thing too...  :P) and it is working!  The zone is PUMPED and it shows because of the great miralces they're seeing and the numbers they're putting out!  So, I'm pretty pumped about that!  

Later that day, I began exchanges with Elder Phillips, a newish missionary (he came out with Elder Norris) and it was cool to be able to talk to him about life, about his mission experiences so far, and about what he wishes he could change.  We had a good exchange, espeicalyl because their area has been struggling to find new people, and we were able to find 6 new people together and show them how to do it, so now they're going to be able to reap those blessings in their own area!

We saw another great miracle on Friday as we went to a bunch of appointments that we had planned, and saw the hand of the Lord as we realized that these people have been prepared for us and our message.  Elder Evans and I taught this amazing Puerto Rican family, and it's super strange because one of their sons is white as can be with RED HAIR!  But he's Puerto Rican so that's cool i guess.  :P
We then started exchanges with the other Spanish companionship, and I went with Elder Lee who has been out for 3 months longer than I hvae.  But hey, it was still a good exchange because together we were able to teach 3 power lessons, and 1 with a bunch of members present and were able to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this woman in a very personal way, like it was a gift from the Savior to us.  It was awesome, and I think it really helped us gain the trust of the members that had come with us.  :)

I love being a missionary though!  There are so many miracles that we've been able to see every single day!  Now I don't say this to be cocky or anything, but during the last 2 weeks, Elder Evans and I have been able to find 30 new investigators - all part of families that are now receiving great blessings because of the gospel.  :)  I love it SO much!  

This next week is going to be fun - tomorrow we have Zone Conference where we have to give some trainings, and then on Friday we have Mission Leadership Council where we get to go and do some leadership training, so I guess I'll let you know how that is!  :P  until next week!  Love you tons!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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