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Monday, March 23, 2015

First Zone Training, AP Exchange, and Branch Conference!

Greeting everybody!  We had a really good week this last week!  Our zone has significantly improved in the people that they're teaching, especially in the great investigators who are actually progressing towards baptism, which is always a good sign!  :D  

The Black Pearl
Last Monday, we had a really great lesson with the Angeles family where we taught them the Plan of Salvation and were able to promise them that they would see their son again.  It was very spiritual and I don't really want to go into details, but it was a very special experience.  :)

Driving the 12 seater 

On Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting at the church building, where basically the zone meets together and we get to train them!  It was really cool though, because we go to train about Priesthood Power and how the amount of priesthood power and authority we have is all conditional on our personal righteousness and our keeping our covenants, which for missionaries includes the promise to be completely obedient to everything he's asked us to do, so that was really good!  :D  We also did a fun little dress-up role play about asking for referrals.  Basically what happened is I dressed up as 3 different people and it was really fun.  :)

On the streets of Old Milwaukee
In Old Milwaukee Town
After the meeting though, we went on exchanges with the Muskego Lakes elders, where we had a lot of success. First of all, we met this Puerto Rican lady and had a lesson with her, teaching her the restoration, and then we set a baptismal date with her!  So, that was a miracle!  Later on, we talked to a man who is returning to activity all about the Plan of Salvation, and then we taught a guy who's in the army about Captain Moroni and how it's important to fight for freedom overseas, but also to fight for our families every single day in this 'battleground' here at home.  

Elder Hubert and Elder Thatcher
Wednesday, we exchanged  back and Elder Evans and I had a little bit of time to work together, including an awesome lesson with the Velasco family where we talked about tithing.  :)  Then, that night at 9 we started ANOTHER exchange, but this time it was with the Assistants to the President.  I was with Elder Stephens (sorry I didn't take any photos) and we had a good old time.  Throughout the entire next day, we were able to teach a bunch of people and find even more people, and I was able to learn from Elder Stephens a lot.

Friday night was cool because we had a lesson with the Palacios family, and for whatever reason there were like TONS of kids there!  So we taught about the Atonement and how Christ makes us clean again, and then got a photo with them...  :P

With the Palacios
Sunday we had Branch Conference where the Stake President basically just told the branch, in the nicest way possible, that they need to step it up a little bit.  Or a lot bit...  :P  The meeting took a turn for the worst when at the end of church, a 79 year old member fell down the stairs.  We had to call 911 about it, but don't worry he's fine!  Later that day we had a meeting with the Mission President and everything to discuss the work in the stake, and that was a very productive meeting.  We discussed the needs that needed to be addressed, and that was cool!  :D

Why I'm fat!
I love you all so mcuh!  Life is doing great over here in Milwaukee, except my mailbox has been dry recently...  :'(  But that's okay!  Life goes on!  :D

I hope you each have a wonderful week and that you're able to see miracles!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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