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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mission Conference, Baptism, Last week of trasnsfer

Friends, nobles, countrymen.  I was trying to think of a creative way that I could start out my email, and that was the only thing I could think of.  There you go...  BAM - creativity.  :P  I'm kind of in a weird mood right now - it is kind of like I'm really sad that it snowed this morning, and I'm really tired because I was up late last night, and I'm really excited because transfers are on Wednesday...  Mix that up all together and what do you get?  A feeling-weird-elder-hubert-smoothie...  Yummm...

Milwaukee Zone
But yeah, to update you on the goings on of the missshhhhh...  

Monday evening was super amazing because at 7:00 we got to go over to the Mission Home (President Cutler's house) for an FHE with his family and the Velasco Family.  (There are probably photos of this on the mission blog).  But yeah, it was super awesome!  We spent the first part getting to know each other, and then we had a song, and then Sister Cutler shared a favorite scripture, adn then President Cutler handed me an ensign and had me choose a favorite quote, but I think I did a decent job at that with the 2 minute warning I got.  Then, their 16-year-old daughter Megan shared a spiritual thoght about CHrist and the last week of his life.  It was really good!  And then we played Catch Phrase and had dessert, and we headed out for a lesson and the Velasco's stayed there and socialized for a while longer.  During our lesson, which was with the Angeles family, we taught about the Restoration adn committed Victor, Blaca, Brandon, and Harvey all to baptism in May, and they are super excited!  We'll keep you posted!

Elder Evans and Elder Hubert
One good thing about this week is that we didn't have any exchanges.  Don't get me wrong, I love exchanges!  But this transfer, having to go on so many exchanges, has kind of ruined it for me.  They seem more like a chore now than anything, but they are still fun!
One family that we've been working with who are super awesome is the Hernandez family, who are from Jalisco Mexico.  They are really promising and love the missionaries, so we're really excited for them to start progressing.  We had a lesson with them on Thursday and we read from the Book of Mormon, and they really like it and committed to read it!  :)
Friday night was cool because we got to go on a 2-hour exchange while Elder Evans went with Elder Miller so that Elder Miller could do Leti's baptismal interview, and I went with Elder Phillips to talk to their main investigator Maria Capistran who is prepping to get baptized.  :)  She seems cool!

Saturday was amazing because we got to go to the church early - at like 7:30 - because we were having a huge mission-wide meeting.  All of the missionaries from the entire mission -  like 230 of us - all met down in Milwaukee to hear from Elder Craig C. Christensen of the presidency of the 70 and another guy too.  It was so powerful, and one crazy part is that Elder Evans and I got a shout out from our mission president when he showed a photo of us and the Velasco's at his house and talked all about us and them.  :P  The meeting was cool though!  I'd say more but I'm running out of time!  And then that night I had dinner in Waukesha because some of the branch members live out there, so I got to stop by the Schuenke's house (some Waukesha friends) and say hi right before dinner, and that was super sweet!!!  :D  I love that family!

Waukesha friends
More Waukesha friends
Sunday was a miracle day because Leti Velasco, our amazing investigator, was able to be baptized.  It was an event that was 20-years in the making, and she finally made that choice to enter those waters.  :)  There are photos on DropBox.  :D 

Anyways, it was a good week!  I love you tons!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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