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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life on the Other Side

This last week was a pretty good one, but it was different for sure!!!  

Tuesday we had a crazy morning with picking up some elders and taking them to the stake center, where we met the other missionaries, piled into the mission's 12-passenger van, and drove to Kenosha (a city between Milwaukee and Chicago) for a Zone Conference.  Because of weather conditions, we arrived 5 minutes before the conference was supposed to start, and that's when things got weird.  Instead of sitting in the congregation as usual, I had to sit up on the stand and everything.  I mean, it's not super weird, it's just not something I'm used to.  But luckily we only had to do that for like 10 minutes because then President Cutler started giving trainings so we went out to the congregation so we could see him.  :)  The conference was good, and it was awesome because I got to see my old companion Elder David Wise!  I love that kid!!!  Also, we got to give a training to our zone, so that went pretty well!  We talked a bit more about Abinadi and his example for us and everything.
Me and Elder Rytting from PGHS
Me and Elder Lee from GB
Another weird day was Thursday.  Usually it's pretty jammed full because of Weekly Planning anyways, but this week, halfway through weekly planning, we got a call from the Assistants asking us to go run an errand for them, an errand that involved us switching cars with 2 other companionships of elders, spending time in the mission office, and packing up a whole bunch of stuff!  I mean, I was SO glad to help the senior couples in the office and the Assitants too, but we never really got to weekly plan again...  :P  But hey, the Assistants were in the middle of a 6-hour drive when they asked us to do that so I'm glad I got to help!  :)

Me and Sister Weaver
Spanish Zone Leaders
Then the next day was Friday.  We had had the Kenosha zone leaders spend the night with us the night before and then we once again piled into the 12-passenger van and this time drove to Oshkosh for the Mission Leadership Council, a really cool kind of a meeting where all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet together to council about various things in the mission.  It was cool because we got to set goals, and I liked it because I actually had something to say, and people actually listened to me!  :)  Hoorah!

Funny assistant training
But on the other front - the investigators' front - thigns are going pretty well!  We are progressing greatly with Leti Velasco, although we had to push back her date because she wasn't keeping the word of wisdom.  However, after the lesson we left with all of their coffee - they gave it to us.  :P  We threw it away after taking photos with it.  The Palacios family is great, but they didn't come to church again so we're pretty upset about that - we're not sure what else we can do.

But hey!  That's the update from life out here!  :D

Love you all so much!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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