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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I've been getting stalked... By miracles... They follow me everywhere

Basically it's true.  Here's a few of the many miracles that I was able to experience this week:

On Tuesday we had exchanges with Milwaukee Spanish C which is made up of Elder Fry and Elder Miller.  I was able to go serve with Elder Miller in their area, so it was super awesome to basically be re-living the dream-team companionship that we had up in Green Bay for 2 Transfers.  And dang, we saw some awesome miracles.  The first of them happened as we were walking around street contacting.  We met this man named Humberto (Hubert in Spanish) so I was all like: "Hey, we're twins!"  So we hit it off pretty well.  We ended up talking to this guy for almost 40 minutes outside of his house, sharing a Book of Mormon with him and teaching him about how, in the midst of this dark world and everything, how we can find light and truth as we follow Christ through reading his scriptures and seeking him in life.  He really liked that and invited us to come back!
Literally right after that, we went to an appointment that had previously been scheduled with this man named Gerardo.  Here's the crazy story behind Gerardo:  He lives in Milwaukee but works in Waukesha in the summertime.  He remembers last July, a short blonde haired, blue eyed missionary gave him a Book of Mormon while he was waiting for his ride home in Waukesha.  As soon as I walked into his house with Elder Miller, he and I both recognized the other.  I remember this man, like my last week in Waukesha, who was sitting on a porch near our apartment, and who we gave a Book of Mormon to.  We were never able to give him as a referral because we never got his Milwaukee address, but what an amazing experience how everything came back around and how I was able to teach him again!  :)  The lesson we had was really awesome.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and how we got it, bearing testimony that it would change their lives if they would let it.  Now usually in the Hispanic community, they picture the missionaries as nice young men who stop by and share a message when they're in the area - they don't have the mentality of making and keeping specific appointments.  However, Gerardo, his wife and his daughter ALL wanted us to come back the next week at the same time to teach them more.  Unfortunately, I will not be involved in their teaching any more because it's not my area, but I was SO grateful for the opportunity to finally follow-up on that Book of Mormon handout.  :)  

Another cool thing is that Elder Miller and I were able to help a Dominican less active woman realize the benefits of coming back to church, and she committed to doing it next week!  :)  And she gave us lunch, which is a huge blessing.
Milwaukee Courthouse

With the Santiago Family
On Thursday morning, we had the amazing opportunity to be able to go to the Milwaukee Courthouse and help the Santiago family get a marriage license.  It's funny - they were married, and then they got divorced, but never moved out...  So, they've been living together for like 10 years, and finally decided to go and get married again!  We're so happy for them!  Also later that day, we got a visit from the Reyes family from up in Green Bay who recently got baptized.  they took us out to lunch and it was awesome to be able to talk to Lydia, Monica, and Elizabeth again, and I was especially excited when they told us that they would be moving to Utah in August!!!  SO awesome!

Surprise visit from the Reyes family
And finally, another highlight of my week was Stake Conference that we had on Saturday and Sunday - lots of revelation was to be had.  I missed out on some of it because I was involved in the Spanish Translation process for the 2 Spanish Branches that we have in our stake, but even so, I was able to learn some things.  :D

Elder's translating Stake Conference
I just want to close in letting each of you know that I love and appreciate you so much!  Thanks for all that you do for me, especially for your support and your prayers.  They really are appreciated!  It is awesome to know that the Lord is hastening His work over here in Wisconsin as He labors in the vineyard with us.  :)  I know He loves us, and I know that He wants the best for us - the best is the Gospel!  :D
--Elder Nate Hubert

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