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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Week in Paradise

Hey everybody!  First of all, I cannot believe that I am already at another P-day here at the CCM!!!  It is just so crazy!  That means that I only have 1 more P-day left while I'm here in Mexico, and then I will go out to serve in the field - I cannot wait to get to Wisconsin!  But honestly, the time really has flown by a lot.
But first things first, Elder Stringham and I have been doing super super great as a companionship.  We see eye to eye on everything, and have the same wants and desires to come out of our companionship.  And, it is a rule down here to get up as early as 6:30 and then to be to class at 7, but without trying, Elder Stringham have been getting up at 6 every day to work out for a bit, and then getting to class at least 5 minutes early.  We are trying to raise the bar as district leaders, and are also trying to get more study time in than is scheduled, because study time is incredible.  But yeah, we've been able to do that all week!  We have also been going on runs every night with Elder Holderness and his companion Elder Lund right before we get ready for bed and go to sleep.  It really is so refreshing to do that, especially with people you know and love.  :)
As far as my studies are concerned, I've been doing a whole bunch of in-depth study of Predicad mi Evangelio this week, especially covering sections 1, 4, and 10 that I've gotten all of the way through, looking at every scripture and marking all of the things that stood out to me.  The other thing that I've been trying to do with my studies this week is that I am trying to go through all of the scriptures in my Spanish scriptures that I have already marked up, and trying to categorize them so that in the little notebook I have, I can have a list of the most effective scriptures to use in each kind of a situation, whether they need a scripture regarding praying to know the truth, the influence of the Spirit in their lives, or anything like that, I am trying to sum it all up, and it has been going so well!  The only problem is that there are SO MANY good scriptures that I cannot decide on which ones to use for each section!  So, I've just been going with all of them and depending on the Spirit to guide me to decide on the ones that I need to use for a particular lesson, and that has been going pretty well.
But on Saturday, all of us were shocked in class when our teacher, Hermano Cruz, sat us down as a class and told us very bluntly "Todos sus lecciones son malos..." ALL OF YOUR LESSONS ARE BAD...   We were so shocked because we all thought that they had been going well, but we were mistaken.  But I'm glad that he did it the way he did it, because he told us that we weren't doing our very best, and then helped us try to reach our potential in that way.  He keeps on reminding us that we are teaching people, not lessons.  He showed us an example of how to teach, and was just so energetic in his lesson, I just want to try so hard to be just like that.  So, that's what I've been working on!  I've been trying so hard to just care for our investigators, caring about what they have to say, really being genuinely concerned, and then being there to help guide them, to bring them to Christ, to help them along the way, and to love them with a Christlike love.
Some of the Guys from my Zone

Later on Saturday, we were able to have a service project!!!  :D  We, as a zone, went over to one of the classroom buildings and were instructed to use some kind of water/other stuff solution to clean the white walls.  It was actually really fun, and though I'm not sure we accomplished very much or affected very many things, it is the spirit of service that we were able to experience, as well as the spirit of unity as we soaked each other with our spray bottles...  ;)  It was great!
We had TALL later that day, and when we went in, I was sitting in front of some guys that I had played soccer with before.  When I heard him laughing at something, I looked at his computer screen and he was checking his email and watching YouTube videos.  Now, I am not one who has the power to discourage breaking the rules, but all I can do is take that example and do the exact opposite.  We are blessed if we obey with exactness, and whether that be a rule like no checking emails when its not P-day, or a rule like no walking by the trees, we need to follow it, and we will be blessed.  Now the rules may not be huge, and the blessings we get may not be huge, but they are still blessings!  :)
Sunday was a super good day, with a Leadership meeting led by some Hermanas in another district, Priesthood being led by Elder Butler and Elder Stutz, and Sacrament being led by Presidente Alvorado.  Later, during the class with the Presidency of the MTC, we were able to learn the difference of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and the Power of the Holy Ghost, such as everybody is able to feel the power, but it isn't until confirmation that we are able to experience the gift...  We also had a devotional given by Elder Holland, and then were able to watch the movie Legacy!!  :D  It is a great movie, but I wasn't super emotional this time...  ;)  Then I had to say goodbye to Elders Payne and Shepherd, some guys that I got to know pretty well down here.  They are so cool, I hope they have a great time on their missions!

Our investigator lessons are going super well!  Both of them have committed to be baptized and know that it is something they want to do, but Adolfo hasn't chosen a date yet, and Luis is hesitant to try because he doesn't think he can be ready in enough time, but we are encouraging him because we are here to help him!  :D  We've been teaching them all about the doctrine of Christ, and the Plan of Salvation, and how all of that applies to them because God loves THEM. 
But we've also been playing tons of Frisbee lately, and I guess I have just been playing too hard because I have a bruise on my abs and I have a scratched up knee, but it isn't bad.  The worse part is that I throw way too much with my right arm, and have been having Tennis elbow problems the entire week, but it's getting better because I'm not using it as much...  But hey, at least I am doing epic things!  I have had some pretty great throws, catches, runs, plays, and blocks!  :)  And even a few dives in there!


Another thing that I've learned this week that is important to know is how to ask the right questions.  So as a companionship, we are trying to avoid all yes and no questions, and instead asking all questions that will make them think and give a more profound answer, and it is working really well!  Especially with Luis, but I expect Adolfo to open up a bit more.
But that has been my week.  And also, I forgot to mention, we were tormenting some new missionaries by walking up to them to help them with their luggage, but then only speaking Spanish to them.  After looking at their super confused faces for a while and acting like we didn't know what the problem was, we spoke English to them and encouraged them by telling them that by the end of 2 weeks, they'll be able to understand that.  :D 
I love you all so much!  The church is true!  (And thanks mom and dad for the donuts!!!)

Elder Nathan Hubert

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