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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 2 Adventures

Well, this week seems like it's gone by super quickly, even though that during the day, it seems to drag on and on...  :P  But hey, I'm surviving and learning lots every day, which is a good thing.  Never once have I regretted coming on a mission, even though I get challenged every single day!  But I'll give you an update of the last week...

Okay, so last Thursday after I was done doing emails, we went and played some sports until we were done with our P-day time.  But more fun than the frisbee was when we got to go and play Soccer with the 6-year old sons of one of the workers.  His name is Antonio and he completely made my day!  He was so good at handling the ball and being goalie and everything, but I guess that's what you get for being from Mexico!  :D  But every time we would score on him, which was quite often because he is a short little guy, he would just go and grab the ball while yelling "Nada, nada!!!" He would never let us score on him, and the excuses he gave us was that we were either too close, or he wasn't ready yet.  

Us and Antonio

But some good news you guys, I am getting better!  To say things bluntly, the first two weeks, the food here has gone right through me.  It isn't because of the water, and it isn't a stress sickness or anything because I'm basically stress free, but it is the food and how my body isn't used to eating and digesting it!  So, basically, it would just go right through me, but now I'm doing a lot better, and I am actually able to hold a whole bunch of it down, though the belts and pants are still loose on me...  ;)  But that's okay, if I eat a lot maybe I'll be the same size again...

Friday we didn't do anything out of the ordinary, so I'll just go right up to Saturday.  I just have three words to say about that though:  OH MY GOSH!  Talk about a spiritual outpouring!  General Conference was absolutely, most utterly incredible!  And there were so many talks about Missionary Work and Missionaries and everything like that, it is crazy to just think about it and realize that he is talking about ME!  It is just crazy to be among all of the people that I have looked up to for my entire life, and to have so many people praying for me daily, as well as getting all of the prayers from the Temples every day, and everything else, if ever I get myself down, I just think about that and I get a spiritual recharge that gives me the motivation and energy to move on.  But General Conference was so amazing, it was crazy to watch it in Mexico!  But for all of you who are wondering, I watched it in English, though they did offer it in Spanish for the native missionaries.  We were going to watch a session in Spanish but then the people in our district didn't want to move, so we just stayed in our seats.  But I do have to say that I have three favorite talks, even though they were all just amazing.  I loved the talk given by Elder Oaks about morality, and the very powerful one given by Elder Holland, and though I forget his name, the talk given by the 70 who was black and had an accent - his was amazing as well, and I really loved it.  But there were so many more that I loved, and I would love to tell you why I loved them, but I have limited time on the computer...  :P  But talk about a powerhouse man, it was awesome.  

Sunday nights we always have a video night, to watch Church movies and such.  The first Sunday we watched the Only a Stonecutter and then the Finding Faith in Christ videos, and then the Sunday of conference, we watched the Testaments, which was super good.  Whenever I watch that video, I always cry at the end when Helam gets healed by Christ, but this time, I caught myself crying all through it!!!  :D  It was crazy, but I just felt the Spirit so strong, it was incredible.

Monday and Tuesday were just normal days again, nothing really special happened, though those were the days that I started keeping more food down again - talk about a relief!!!  But other than that they were normal.  But let me tell you about our investigators!  They are actually just our teachers acting out, so Hermano Cruz is acting out the part of Adolfo, who is a 19-year-old University Student and who wants to have a relationship with God.  We taught him about the importance of Prayer to get that relationship, and how God wants to have that relationship with us, too, we just have to be willing to give it to him.  Our other investigator is our evening teacher Hermana Sanchez, who is playing out Karla, a married woman with 3 kids whose sister is a member of the Church, and who wants to know why her sister is so happy and why she changed religion.  It is difficult to teach her because she is so comfortable where she is and isn't super willing to change, but we'll work on it.
BUT I have to tell you about the district!  The best district at the CCM, District 10A, is made up of Elder Stringham and myself, Elder Stutz (from West Jordan) and Elder Butler (from Lindon), and then Elder Johnson (from Logan) and Elder Nistler (Our District Leader, from Oregon), and then Hermana Millett (from Green Bay WISCONSIN!!!) and Hermana Stephens (from Oregon, but a BYU Student), and Hermana Goodman (from Mississippi) and Hermana Turner (from Nevada).  If you have any questions about any of them or want a bigger description, I'll have to try and work on that for next week because time tends to be short... 

One of the coolest things this week was that I ran into a whole bunch of people that I know!ran into Elder Eric Conover, who I was best friends with in Elementary school! I also ran into Elder Xander Butler, who came in last Wednesday and who I ran into at Conference!  Talk about awesome...  I still need to get a picture with Elder Adam Holderness though!  :D

                                                                Elder Eric Conover
                                                               Elder Xander Butler

Finally, the rain down here in Mexico is supposed to be crazy, right?  But while I've been down here, it has only sprinkled a little bit...  Until last night!  While we were finishing up our evening class, it started pouring so hard!  It was super insane, and it was flooding all of the sidewalks and I loved it so much!  But basically that is my day!  Feel free to email me with any questions you have and I will try to get back to you as soon as time will let me.  :D  Love you all!  And above and beyond that, God loves you more than anyone else.  :)  Until next week!
--              Elder Nathan Hubert


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  2. You look so happy. YOu are just radiating the spirit. We love you and pray for you. God bless you in this great work.

    kristin frey