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Sunday, January 19, 2014

WEEKLY UPDATE! AKA this week was not nearly as exciting as last week but was still pretty exciting...

So on Monday (P-day), we had a Ping-pong tournament later that day after emailing, but Elder Shipp and I had to leave early to go to teach a lesson that we had scheduled earlier that week.  It was with a former investigator named Jose Cruz, so we just went by to talk to him about the things that he had been taught previously, a conversation went pretty well!  He didn't remember much, though he did remember Joseph Smith as well as the feelings that he had had while he took the lessons, which was good.  But he also saw that we were cold, so he went into the other room to make us some Coffee, despite us telling him that we were fine.  Eventually we left, and hadn't touched our coffee, so we had him pour it in water bottles for us so we could 'save it for later...'  it was super awkward, but thankfully we got out of it.
On Tuesday, it was the last day of the 'cold advisory' days, but what we had was the Zone Training Meeting, which is a meeting that we have when the entire zone gets together and does some trainings!  So we got picked up that morning because we had to let the Zone Leaders into the church building, and then we stayed there at the church for a few hours as we were taught how to extend an invitation to meet again, which was good.  After the training we all went out to eat at Qdoba, which is basically Wisconsin's take on Cafe Rio, but it was still pretty good.  After that, we cleaned up our apartment a lot because we weren't able to go outside at all, and then by the time the night came, we went over to the English Elders' apartment to grab the stuff that the Seniors let us use when we caught fire, so we took that back to the Seniors home when we went over for dinner that night.
Wednesday was a very interesting day...  We started super far West in the Raymond area, and went and visited the Hernandez family for a brief amount of time, until Bro. Hernandez had to go to work.  Then, we went over to Martin's house to teach him a lesson if he was home, which he was!  So we sat down in his living room and started talking to him, and he basically is the most blasphemous person that I've ever met - it was completely ridiculous!  What ended up happening is that he looked at Elder Shipp and told him to be quiet because he had bad Spanish and that he wasn't prepared, and then for the next 40 minutes or so, Martin and I basically had a throw-down of the gospel, in a more peaceful way of course.  One thing that I remember is that he told me that when it says in the scriptures that if you have faith you can move mountains, he kept on saying that it was talking about a mental mountain.  He then asked me if I thought it was true, that if we had faith that we could move mountains, and I bore firm testimony that I believed that with God and with faith, anything was possible.  It was a crazy day and many more things were said, all in a loving way I promise, but we basically decided after that not to go back.  It was nuts!
After that craziness, we were walking away from his house talking about what had happened, and we saw this man trying to move a couch into his house by himself, so we offered our assistance, and it ended up being such a blessing to this man, because he was blind and was trying to move in alone!  So we helped him out for like 40 minutes and that ended up being super great.  :)
Thursday was weekly planning which took up quite a bit of time, and then after that we stopped by Veronica's house to teach her the weekly lesson, but she wasn't home!!!  So after waiting for a while, we went and tracted for a bit in a trailer park on our way to the Moorland area to contact a referral, and then we went home!
Friday was exchanges, which was a great day!  Coming into Exchanges, I had the goal to see if I would be ready to take over my own area, because I was able to be senior companion for the day.  So, I was kind of nervous going into it, but it all ended up being great!  We went aroudn the area near our home and taught a few lessons, which was funny because Elder Wise didn't speak Spanish so he basically just stood there...  Then, we went up to the STP area and saw Veronica and scheduled a return appointment, and then we went over to Middleton and taught Ezekiel.  This was another interesting lesson, about how he needed to open up his heart and be open to the answers to his prayers that God had for him, which he took pretty well.  The things that he loved the most was when he found out that the people in the Book of Mormon were his ancestors!  He loved that!  :D
On Saturday, we ended up dropping Casildo because he stopped coming to the door, and then we had English class at the church, followed by dinner at the Durtchi's, which was fun...  (Sorry, not a very productive day - a lot of cleaning the church)
Sunday we had Ward Conference and then a Linger Longer after church, which was fun.  Then, we had District phone calls at the apartment while I took a nap because I wasn't feeling so well, and then we had a Bishop's Youth Discussion at the Bishop's house which was fun.  :) 
Love you guys!  I'm sorry if the email seemed rushed - the other elders are waiting for me to go...  :)


Elder Nathan Hubert

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