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Monday, January 27, 2014


Well first things first everybody, I have an announcement to make for you guys!!!  I am getting transferred!  I started out here in Madison where I have been trained by Elder Shipp, but now my time has come to go out to a different place.  I'm going to be moving to Waukesha, a smaller city outside Milwaukee, to continue the Spanish work there.  But that has gotten me thinking, some of you guys have written me letters and have sent them to my Fitchburg, WI address, so it would go directly to my apartment.  But now that I'm moving and don't know the address for Waukesha, I think that it would be best for anybody sending anything here to Wisconsin to send it to the address of the mission office so that the office couples can forward it to me wherever I am in the mission.  So, that address is this:

Elder Nathan Hubert
Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission
But furthermore, about my week....  :)

On Tuesday we saw a miracle!  We were in the Allied area of Madison and we were stopping by the people that we had previously taught, one of which was Casildo.  He had been dropped because we hadn't been able to make contact with him for quite some time, but we decided to go and try his door anyway.  And as usual, no answer came!  We were pretty disappointed and stood there for 5 minutes before we started to walk away, but then we both turned around and all of the sudden, there was Casildo, holding his son, walking up to the house.  We helped him get inside because his hands were full of his son, and then after he put his son to bed, he came in the other room and we were able to teach him!  We re taught him the last lesson that we had given him, and he actually opened up to us today.  He could tell that we were something special and that there was something missing in his life when we stopped teaching him.  So, it was great to finally get some input from him.  Then, we extended a baptismal commitment for March 15, which he accepted so that he could be a man of God and be an example for his family.  It was amazing!

Something else that happened today was when we stopped by a referral from the Sisters, whose name is Renato.  He is from Brazil and speaks Portugese, but I guess that we are the closest thing to that.  We read from the book of Mormon with him, and he read in his native language as we followed along in English.  It was kind of strange, but it was a good lesson - we have a great feeling for him!  :)

Wednesday was interviews with President Cutler.  He drove up from Milwaukee to come to our District Meeting and to interview us!  So, we got to church (late because of the buses), but it ended up being okay!  Interviews were super great.  President just asked how things were and we talked for 30 minutes!  It was really great!  :D  We both received some great revelation on how to help our investigators and what we need to do to better penetrate them.  I'm sure that things will be looking up!  

Then that night, we had dinner with the incredible Griffiths family and I got to play soccer for my very last time in this ward.  It was pretty fun because they brought a semi-pro mexican player with them and we got creamed!

Thursday, Elder Shipp and I got trained on how to use the Family History Center at the church so that we could be able to work some shifts as a service...  Which leads me to wonder why our family history doesn't go past Grandma Beckie on the Egbert side?  I couldn't see past that!  I'm just wondering why that is...  :)  And we also had weekly planning which of course is a party!

Friday we had exchanges with the English Elders, and I got to be in the Spanish Area with Elder Campbell!  It was super great, I loved it, and we saw tons of miracles.  We got to spend time in the the Allied area and we got to see Casildo by miracle again, and were able to reinforce what we said a few days ago.  We also promised him that we'd find a way for him to get to church, which he was excited about.  We also got to go to Irma Alcantara's place and teach her grandson Roger, who is preparing to be baptized within the year.  :)  It was great!  Then we had a dinner with the Spanish Elders and the Sanchez family, which of course was great.  

Saturday is when I got news that I was going to be getting transferred!  So the rest of the day was spent in excitement for wondering where it was that I was going to go!  :)  But we were able to call a whole bunch of potentials because it was too cold to go outside.  But luckily we were able to set up a whole bunch of appointments that way!  I also got to practice singing a song with a lady from the ward who was going to be accompanying me on Sunday, so that was really great too.  :)  We also contacted referrals that we had been given, but none of those went far because the people weren't interested at all...

Sunday we got to go to church!!!  And I got to sing, which was super fun as well!  I sang an arrangement of "Lord, I would Follow Thee" and it went really well.  I hope that people could feel the Spirit while I sang though.  After church, we just went back to our apartment because we have another cold warning out here...  Then, Elder Shipp made phone calls and then we got a call from President, telling me that I was going to go to Waukesha!  I'm pretty excited about that though, I'll let you know how it is!!!  

I love you all and I apologize for being vague this week, don't be upset with me...  ;)  But I love you all so much!!!  Things are amazing here in Wisconsin, as cold as it is...  ;)


--Elder Hubert

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