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Monday, February 3, 2014

Transferred..... :)

So, as you guys all know, I have been transferred to Waukesha, Wisconsin!  That has been the highlight of my week, and beceause of transfers the week has been kind of a bit on the more uneventful side, but things still happened I promise.  :)  They just happened in a slower way because Monday was spent playing sports (Whiff Waf) with the other Elders at the Madison UW Instutute Building, and then Tuesday was spent packing all day, but I'll include what I've been experiencing.  :)

So on Monday, as I mentioned above, Elder Shipp and I went to the library and we emailed, and then after that, we all went to the Institute Building and played a game that we have created out here, kind of a version of Ping Pong, Volleyball, and Doubles Tennis all mixed up together..  It is really fun!! :)  After Wiff Waff, Elder Shipp and I had a dinner that we had to run to, because we had to say goodbye to some members who were saddened to see me leave.  And then after that, we just went home and I started packing. 
Wiff Waff!
Tuesday was full of, you guessed it, me packing all day!!!  :)  Well, at least for most of the day. At 4:00 we had a dinner with the Chaparro family who were pretty sad to see us go and I was super sad to leave them because I love them so much!  :)  We also stopped by Casildo's house to see if I could get a photo with him, but he wasn't home.  But I did get a photo with Oscar a few days previous, so that was okay with me.  Immediately following dinner, we had to hurry and bus up to UW housing called Eagle heights to visit Renato, our portugese investigator.  We talked with him about his reading and then went into the Restoration, which was such a powerful lesson!  Before, when I was in the MTC learning how to be a missionary, they always said to not be afraid of silence, and I had no idea what they were talking about until now!  We shared the 1st vision and asked Renato how he felt, and after 5 minutes of crying/pondering, he finally said that he liked the way that he felt and that he wanted to be a part of it.  We invited him to baptism and he acctepted it, though we don't have a date for him yet.  We left him with an invitation to come to church, and he said that he would come.  This man is golden!  I love him so much - that was easily the most powerful lesson on my mission so far, and such an incredible way to end my time in Madison!

The Madison District
The Senior Family
The Chaparro Family
Wednesday, we got picked up at 8 by the Mt. Horeb Elders (Elder Steiner and Elder Kresge) and were taken to a church, where I was put in a truck and we drove for 2 hours to Oshkosh, the transfer hub of the mission.  When we were there, all of us going to Milwaukee Stake Center got on a bus and left, and then after an hour or so, we were there!  I'm sorry that was so short, but I honestly have no memories of what happened in the car, except for the kids sitting next to me were done with their missions and were talking about how excited they were to go home to California...  Jealous!  Not really though - I'm just jealous about the warmth...  Then, at the Stake Center, I met my new companion Elder Shvaneveldt and we drove to Waukesha, and then we put my bags in our super tiny apartment and then headed out to contact people!  That night I was able to unpack though, don't worry...  ;)
New home!
Thursday we went out and contacted people, and we did service at this thrift-store type place, and then we did weekly planning, which was basically just Elder Schvanny just telling me what we were going to do because I didn't know anybody or anything around us...  Then we went out with our incredible Ward Mission leader, brother Tatioca, who then took us to our dinner appointment with the Whipple family.  It was super sweet, though I still had no idea what was going on.
Friday, we walked around a lot!  We walked around so much that the sole of my boot on my left foot just completely came off!  There are photos of my desecrated footwear that I'll send to you...  But we were able to meet a few of the investigators, such as Rosa and Jose, who are both super close to baptism.  We taught Jose the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom, which he committed to live.  But that wasn't a problem because he's only 13.  Then, we had dinner with the Tovias family, which was delicious mexican food!  Then we had a correllation meeting that went by super quick.  All of the other missioanries thought it was super funny that my shoe died...  But they only laugh because they all have cars and don't have to deal with the same problems!  ;)

Ice lashes!!! 
Wore the soles off my boots!
Saturday we did some contacting on the far north side (I think it was the north side) of the city.  We were up there basically the entire day, and then we just went to dinner at Taco Bell...  :P  But luckily, we were able to find some people that were Hispanic!  The lord blesses us with success when we go out of our way to work!  :)  I definitely have a testimony of that.  :D
Sunday, we did all of our studies in the morning, and then got picked up at 11:30 for church at 1.  I did my best in trying to get to know the people of the ward, bu that was difficult.  But Jose and Rosa both came to church, which was the first time I'd had an investigator at church - so amazing!  :D
But sunday night all we had was dinner with the Gardeners, where I got signed up to sing in church again...  :)  Wahoo!
I love you guys - and I'm sorry if the days are vague, I've gotten a bit short on time right now!  Love you!


Elder Nathan Hubert

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