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Monday, February 10, 2014

First full week in Waukesha, Wi

My dear family, friends, loved ones, everybody, this week has been one full of lots of confusion, which I guess you could just call my terrible attempts at trying to get to know this area. 
But, I'm just going to do the usual thing of telling you guys how everything went throughout each day.  :)
On Monday, after I was done emailing, we went to a church building, the Brookfield Building, and had some sports activities, where we played Chair Soccer and Free-for-all Dodgeball, which was super enjoyable. 
Tuesday though, was my first district meeting with these guys out here!  Elder Kimzey (our district leader) had previously asked me to do a training for the district on an attribute of Christ, and in a joking manner both my companion and I thought it would be funny to do a training on what it says in Doctrine and Covenants 4 in regards to Godliness.  But, what started out as a joke, ended up as a pretty good training.  I mean, it wasn't mind blowing, but it made us ponder and think a lot about what it means to be like God.  What it means to be Perfect like unto He.  It was really cool.  :)  But the rest of the meeting was us talking about prayer and how we need to pray more fervently and more sincerely.  He spoke of how Christ cried several times when he would pray, so why do we not do the same thing?  Why do we not pray as fervently as did the Savior?  If anything, we have even more reason to pray as did He, the only perfect being to live on the Earth.  I just thought it was very inspiring.
On Wednesday, we were taken out to lunch by a member of the ward, to this really amazing Ribs place here in the city.  It was so nice!  One funny thing is that when we were visiting people after that, an older man shoveling his snow got after us for sluffing school, telling us to get back to class...  I think he thought we were younger than we are...  :)  Eventually though, we ended up at the Black's house to teach Jose.  We taught him the baptismal questions to prepare him for his upcoming interview.  I hope all goes well for him!
Thursday was a very cold day, but that was slightly bearable because we had weekly planning and service to do.  We has service at the Hope Center where we helped people get the clothes that they needed, and then weekly planned.  I also made Elder Schvaneveldt a year-mark cake to celebrate his hump day, and it was a tye-dye cake! I was pretty proud of my creation...  :D  Then in the evening, we began our exchange which was crazy because I was staying in the Spanish area, even though I don't know how to get anywhere...  Nuts!  But Elder Wiscome and I talked for a while, and then went to sleep. 

Friday, exchange day, went much better than I thought it would!  Luckily I found a map that I could take around with us so we wouldn't get too lost.  We began our day of work by going and contacting some former investigators. Among that time, we found a man named Victor who lived at the old house of a former, and we taught him the entire first lesson and committed him to pray before getting a return appointment!  I was super happy about the whole thing - you always feel good after you've found someone new.  Then later throughout the day, nobody else even answered their door.  But that night, we had an appointment with Ana, and met her husband Brad, who is an American.  They invited us to have dinner, an offer we took graciously.  We taught him the first lesson, clearing up the confusions that had been placed in his mind about the church and our beliefs.  He even said that he would like to learn more, which I was happy about.  Then, that night, we had a ward activity - a night of music - that was super impressive.  There were 2 girls that did a super funny song spoofing other things, and then a lady in our ward who blew me away by singing something from Wicked.  It was great!
The work we did on Saturday was that we went out with a member from our ward, Bro. Seneli, and helped him do his home teaching.  It is this thing that the ward has been trying to do since the new year, called Ward Team Ups.  It has been pretty successful up to this point so I hope we continue to be able to work with them.  :)

And then Sunday, we had church and phone calls!  :D

All in all, a regular week.  I just hope that Jose's baptism goes through this Saturday and that it starts warming up a little more!  Those are things that would make me happy...  ;)  Love you all!
--Elder Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

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