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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My InCrEdIbLe WeEk!!!

I can't believe that this week has already gone by!  it just completely flew by - too crazy!  :D  And if it means anything to you guys - I wanted to let you know that it is currently snowing WHITE OUT outside!  I can't see anything but white!!!  I am so excited to walk outside...  :P

On Monday, I got to email all of you guys - the people I looove!!!

But, on Tuesday, we had such an incredible District Meeting.  Before it started, Elder Kimzey and I practiced an arrangement of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief," and then the Zone Leaders joined us for District Meeting and recruited us to sing that song for Zone Conference this coming friday- a combined conference of the 3 Milwaukee Zones!  That is 1/3 of the mission, and a LOT of missionaries that I get to sing in front of - wish me luck!  :)  Later that day though, we ran into a family that wanted us to come back so we could 'compare beliefs,' I'm excited for that!  I just hope it doesn't turn into a bible-bashing session, because if it does we will leave...

Wednesday morning studies were interrupted by a service project that we got to go and do, to help a woman in the ward move a couch from her house into her truck so she could drop it off at the English Elders' apartment - that was fun!  She ended up wanting to get rid of a bunch of stuff and gave us a fan, towels, blankets, cooling racks, cookies, and a chess set...?  :)  Then we offered service at a Food Pantry here in town, where it was super great.  The people there just love the missioanries!  I think it's because the Elders have offered service there for 18 years, but there might be another reason...  ;)  After that, we met with Jose, our investigator who was supposed to be baptized.  Now, this lesson was the 'do or die' lesson, to decide if he really was ready to be baptized, because ever since his father got back from Mexico, he found out that his dad doesn't want him to be mormon, but Catholic!  So, during the lesson, we addressed his concerns, and decided to drop the date until we could talk to him and his dad together and discuss their mutual concerns.  I mean, it stinks to have to have done that, but it is good that we took care of it now instead of later.

Thursday, the usual eventful day that it is, was just about the same as always!  We did our studies, then we did service at the Hope Center, helping needy people get clothes for free, and then we did weekly planning.  :)  However, this night was special because we got to go to a Stake Priesthood Meeting, and it was super super fun and we got to hear a bit of the olympics as was mentioned in some of the talks!

Friday was LOOOOVE day!!!  So thank you family for the LOOOOVE that you sent me via the amazing box that I got today...  :) And hey, the Lord must love us because today we went to an area that has plenty of Latinos, but not many that will listen...  But, we were able to teach 7 other lessons in all of our efforts, which is a bit number for one day, and get 4 return appointments!  One of my favorite experiences was with Blanca, who opened the door and we started talking about the Book of Mormon, using the paintings in the front to teach a lesson about families and testify that the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and is a record of the Ancient Americas.  She even gave us her address (she was visiting) and told us to come back on Tuesday!  I'm stoked!  :D

Saturday, we had Correlation Meeting in the morning, where Brother Tadioca made us breakfast...  He is too nice to us!!! :)  After that, we did our studies until the afternoon, when we got picked up from the other Elders to go and practice our song that we'll be singing this week.  It sounds pretty good!  We got a sister missionary to play the piano part, which is pretty hard - so I'm pretty pleased by that!  :D  Then after that we had a dinner appointment at 5-ish, which was really fun because it was with a member that I don't really know that well, but they are super fun!  They are the Browns, and it was kind of funny because his name is Nathan and so whenever his wife would say something to him or ask him something, I would almost react...  Kind of embarrassing, but hey, at least I remember that I have a first name!  :)

Sunday was ward conference here, and we got to meet our Stake leaders!  Also, I got Elder Kimzey and I booked to sing our duet in church in a few weeks - i'm going up in the world!  :P  No, but I'm just really glad that we'll be able to share our testimonies through song.  What a blessing it is for us to be able to do that.  :)

Anyway, I hate to be so brief, but the work is calling!  I love you so much, everybody, and I would love to hear from each of you personally!  :D  (No promises when I'll be able to respond, but still...)

Love you!

--Elder Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

    This is me and my new companion!! 

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