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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exchanges, Zone Conference, SINGING, and LOTS of FUN!!! ;)

This week was a pretty good week for us!  I mean, it was a pretty slow week to begin with because we had meetings and Zone Conference to prepare for, but other than that fact we had a great week!  :D
So as I told you last week, it completely dumped on us last week!  On Monday, the snow was coming down SO so so much, which was incredible to see but super crazy to drive in because our driver, Elder Kimzey, is from St. George and has never driven in snow before!  So, a kind of scary experience, but still, we made it to/from Sports alive, which was good.  But because of that storm, tuesday morning there was a huge blanket of snow just everywhere in the city of Waukesha, so what is it that we decided to do..?  That's right - service!  We grabbed our snow shovels from the closet and we marched across the town to Florencio's house - a less-active man - and we shoveled his walk/driveway, but that ended up taking so long because the snow was so deep, that as soon as we had finished that one house, we just went back home to study because we had already taken up all of the time we had set apart!
After studies, however, we got picked up by Brother Hansen, the former Bishop of the Waukesha ward, and we went out and did his home-teaching with him (we went because he teaches a Dominican lady, Hermana Seneli) and we helped him with his Spanish lesson.  After that, we got dropped off at Blanca's house -  a lady we found last Friday, and we knocked on the door.  We were worried because we didn't have a man that could come with us, and she was single as far as we knew, but when we went inside, she had invited a male friend to come and listen with her!  We taught Blanca and Pablo the Restoration, and they took it pretty well, even committing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and about Joseph Smith. 
Then that night, we started an exchange.  I got to stay in the Spanish area with Elder Kimzey, our district leader, and my companion went to English with Elder Wiscombe.
Tuesday basically began with Elder Kimzey and I making the super long over-an-hour walk from our apartment to the Food Pantry here in Waukesha, where we offer service.  We did service there for the 2 hours, and during that time, our investigator Rosa came through the line.  I stopped her and talked to her, and she told us that she couldn't get baptized on Saturday because she had had coffee when she was out of town, so we're working with her in that regard.
After that we tried to contact a less active that lived near there, but they weren't home.  So, we went over to our lesson with Brad and Ana and their family, but they didn't answer their door either!  (Note that there is probably over an hour of walking distance in between all of this)  So, we started to walk back to our apartment so that we could get picked up for our dinner appointment that night.  We were walking ,and then saw the English Elders' car outside a less-active's house, so we took some of our pass-along cards and stuck them on the windshield, so they would know that we were there...  :) 
Later, we got picked up by Brother Whipple and taken to their house for BLT's for dinner, then Elder Kimzey and I got to practice our arrangement of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" that we will be singing in the ward in a few weeks, and that we got to sing for Zone Conference on Friday!
That night though, we re-exchanged back and continued on.
On Thursday, we got to do our service at the Hope Center which is always super fun.  Today we didn't get yelled at, so that was a plus.  I just find it amusing that these people will yell at the Mormon Missionaries, but they only do it because they know that we aren't going to yell back!  We aren't going to do a thing about it so they can get away with it!  But after the Hope Center service, we went to the library to read some talks on lds.org because we were going to be teaching High Priest Group on Sunday, and we were also supposed to meet Rosa at the Library but she cancelled on us 5 minutes before we were supposed to meet, so after that we just went home, ate a tiny bit of food, and set out to walk the over-an-hour to our dinner appointment.  Midway through the walk, the weather turned harsh and it started just completely pouring rain all over us!  We had Books of Mormon that we put on the inside of our coats to make sure they didn't get wet, but it just soaked right in through our coats, our hats, and everything so that we were SOAKING wet.  Eventually we just called our dinner appt. for a ride so that we could stop getting wet, and that worked out just fine.
Friday we had Zone Conference!  It was a long day, but also a really good day.  We had a lot of geat trainings on Prayer and how to better utilize the members in our work.  One thing that is funny though is that thought he things that are said are super useful in member-missionary work, a lot of it can't apply to Spanish work.  I mean, we do our very best at that, but it is still very difficult to do things like that in Spanish work, especially in a city where hardly any Spanish people live.  But, my highlight of the day was either being able to meet so many other missionaries, or being able to sing in front of the 3 zones that were there, which ended up being 1/3 of the mission!  The song went super well and the Spirit was so strong during it - I loved being able to participate in that.  Sister Cutler even told me that she wants me to sing with her daughter when she gets off of her mission, so I think that would be a great opportunity!  (This is President Cutler's daughter currently serving a mission...)
Saturday we had Correlation Meeting instead of Rosa's baptism - that was kind of a let-down...  But, we were able to do weekly planning today so that ended up being productive anyway.  AND then on Sunday of course, we had studies, church, dinner, phone calls with the District Leader (where he checks up on us), and that was my week!
Everybody who reads this, I know that missions are such an important part of life, and it is so incredible to see the changes that it brings to people.  I have seen so many changes wrought in my life already because I am serving a mission - I highly recommend it!  And I recommend preparing for it every day that you live!
I love you all so much!  Keep the faith!
--Elder Nathan Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

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