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Monday, March 31, 2014

Wisconsin is actually warm!?!?!

Okay everybody, to begin this post, I want to apologize for something.  So, the computers at the Waukesha Public Library are super super protected and so you can't access anything from them!  For the first little bit that I was here, I could upload photos to the USB that I got, and then from there take them to email and then send them out, but now, the program that was once on the computers to upload photos to the USB is now no longer there, so as it would appear, for the next little while (at least for the time that I'm in Waukesha) I will not be able to send photos home...  Unless I get lucky one of these days and am able to have a member of the ward do it for me, and I'm tempted to do that because this is getting frustrating for me at my end.. :)  But all in good time, we should be able to do it soon...  ish...  Just don't fret - it'll all work out.

So Monday, after playing Soccer for our weekly sports, Elder Schvaneveldt and I had dinner at the Siegman's home - a great family from the ward.  And even though he is 60 or so, on the drive over to his house, he offered to show us his band (or rather have us listen to it), so he put in a CD of his band!  So we were surprised, first of all, to hear this guy was in a band, but were even more surprised to hear the crazy Rock and Roll that came from the stereo!  It was crazy to discover that this guy in the ward is a complete Rock Star!  He even let me play around on his piano and band stuff in his basement.  Most men have a Man Cave.  He has a Band Cave...  It was quite the setup!  But it was a pretty funny way to end a P-day!

Tuesday morning, we had to leave early for District Meeting because the English Elders are low on miles in their car and couldn't give us a ride, so we took a bus and walked to the church building in Brookfield.  On the bus, the guy sitting next to me had a hook for a hand, and was reading a book in German!  Kind of not what I was expecting to see on the bus that day, but adventurous!  And one crazy thing that we discovered about Tuesday, the 25th of March, 2014, is that today is my 6-MONTH MARK?!?!  It was super crazy, and still is, to think about that!  I cannot believe that I've been away from all of you - my dear family and friends - for over 6 months now!  I mean, sure that number is only going to get bigger, but it does NOT seem like that long as of right now...

Later in the day of Tuesday, though, we got to go early to the Wales Church Building (where our ward meets) and set up tables and things for the Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts.  And because we were recruited to help (because there were less-actives and non-members coming) we got to partake of the great food AND pie that was there!  It was a fun program though!  I took one or two photos, but I can't send them to you now...

Wednesday began with a super exciting day doing service at the Food Pantry!  Wahooooo!  It went by pretty long, because almost nobody came in today.  But right as we finished, we had to speed-walk over a mile to get to the Library to have our lesson with Rosa and Bro. Hause for team-ups this week.  We got there, and then Rosa texted us and rescheduled the leson for Friday.  So, we had Brother Hause take us to Brad & Ana's house, where we had a quick thought and scheduled a more formal lesson, and then we did the same thing with Blanca, and were able to schedule a lesson with her as well!  After we got home, we ate some dinner and studied up a bunch to prepare ourselves for our lesson with Christy and John, which we had with the English Elders later that night.  We got over there, and the lesson basically consisted of us going over the things that we had had them read from the BoM, such as Alma 32 and 3 Nephi 11.  We answered all questions, and that took so long that we had to go after that, but I hope they are starting to understand now!

Thursday morning we had a lesson scheduled with Blanca, but right as we got over there she told us that she was about to leave with her son to do something, but that we should go by later.  So, we went and had service at the Hope Center, and then went back to Blanca's house, where we met Ben, the father of her youngest daughter, and taught them about the Authority of God - the Priesthood, and about the Restoration, trying to catch Ben up to speed.  But hey, we got a new investigator with Ben!  After that, we came home and ate a bit, and then got picked up by Bro. Tatioka to go visit some less-actives, which ended in him taking us and Candy Wood to Taco Bell for a Taco run.  It was pretty fun, except I couldn't eat very much because my stomach has shrunk so much out here...  :P

Friday had been planned to be weekly planning all day, but we also had a lesson on the other side of town that we had to try and make it to, so we went over there only to find out that Paulina was not home!  So we went right back home and weekly planned!  But then we set out for the library and then got another text from Rosa rescheduling for tomorrow, so we just went over to the Black Family's House to attend Zane Black's Mission Farewell Party for a little bit.  I really hope he has a great mission!  he left this morning to go to Utah for the MTC, then for the California Arcadia Mission.

Saturday morning was....  Frustrating.  There were 2 baptisms in the ward of 8 year olds and we were supposed to go because some of the less-actives were going to be there, but nobody in the ward was willing to give us a ride, so we were super irritated by that, but now we're fine so don't worry.  But we did have a great lesson with Rosa later in the day!  Zane came to do his last lesson before he left, and we taught Rosa about the blessings of baptism and answered all of her questions.  But it got to the point where I just said:  "Rosa, are you scared?"  And she just cried out YES!!!  So, now that we have that covered, we can move on from there.  :)

As we left the library though, there were some people handing out flyers for their church, flyers on Eternal Life.  We started talking to them and one lady asked me: "If you were to die right now, where would you go?"  So I proudly announced: "Right to the Spirit World!"  She was confused and kept on trying to get me to take her pamphlet, so I opened up my Book of Mormon (where I usually keep Restoration pamphlets), but this time I found a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, which is just what I needed.  I said "I'll read yours if you read mine!"  So we traded, and I'm not sure if she read it or threw it away, but I hope that she read it!

For the rest of the night though, we contacted members and less actives, which was good.

Sunday, yesterday, we had a great day at church.  Rosa absolutely loved the testimonies that were shared in the meeting, and then after church we helped Hermano Seneli with his home teaching, and offered service by helping another person move.  Then, we had dinner with the Baer family, who are super nice.

Not a super detailed week, I apologize, but things are looking great up here!  Keep on praying that the people of Wisconsin will soften their hearts!  I love you all and pray that this week is a great one for you!

--Elder Nate Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

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