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Sunday, April 20, 2014


So, my dear family, buenas noticias means GOOD NEWS!  The good news is this:  It begins with our lesson with Rosa on Tuesday.  We went through the baptismal interview questions, and she did well with that!  Then, on Saturday, Brother Tateoka got her a Holy Bible and Triple Combination (the huge study versions) to give to her, so we did and she freaked out like a little girl she was so happy that we had gotten those for her!  And now she's able to use cross-references and footnotes to further her studies!  Then, on Sunday we had church and President and Sister Cutler spoke in the ward, and they were able to meet Rosa afterwords!  Then, Rosa had her baptismal interview by Elder Kimzey and she.....  PASSED with flying colors!  She is scheduled to be baptized on April 19th and confirmed on the 27th (we have Stake Conference on Easter), and Elder Schvaneveldt is going to baptize her because he's been here the entire time she's been taught, and she asked me to confirm her and sing at her baptismal service!  So, I get to do that!  :D  This is actually happening everybody!  :D

Basically nothing else in my week matters because this just trumps it all...  It has been so amazing to see her progress and to see her want to make these covenants with God, and also to see that she really wants to do the Family History Work and Temple Work for her family, especially for her husband who died 12 years ago, so they can be sealed in the Temple.  She now has something to look forward to doing after she is baptized!  :)

But I guess I'll do a brief summary of my week anyway...  :P

I'll do it backwords because I already covered Sunday and Saturday.

Friday, we had service at Sister Vandenburg's house to help her move out.  I have never had to deal with so much stuff before, it was crazy!  (By the way, I was on exchanges) and service lasted for 3 hours!  It was super crazy...  Definitely a hoarder...  Then, we had a lesson with one of the English Elders' investigators named Dave, an old man who takes everything pretty well.  He committed to pray and see if the LDS church is God's church!  Elder Kimzey is a great teacher - that is one thing that I learned.  Also, we met with Amy and James and taught them.  We mostly got to know them because James was pretty skeptical coming into everything, but by the end of it, he was laughing with us and everything, so we loosened him up.

Thursday we did service at the hope center, and actually got to do weekly planning today!  It was the first time in months that we actually did Weekly Planning on a Thursday, it was great!  We also had a lesson with Alisia and Devon where we gave her an illustrated Book of Mormon for her sons and she was super happy about that!

Wednesday we served at the Food Pantry for 2 hours, then walked to the Black's house to meet with Jose.  We had a lesson outside with him and the kids, but it was only 5 minutes long because he had to go to his mom's house.  We have an illustrated Book of Mormon for him, too, so now he might read a bit more.
We also met with Spring and the girls tonight and watched the Restoration with them and talked about that and why it is important.  :)

Tuesday we had District Meeting, which was one of my favorite ones so far!  Elder Kimzey talked about how we need not be Sailboat missionaries, going wherever the wind takes us, but Battleship missionaries, who go bold and firm no matter what, and who are willing to fire on the Captain's command, not simply firing whenever.  We give our testimony powerfully when the Captain says!  After that, we had Rosa's lesson where we ran over the Baptismal questions and taught her about temples, it was great!  Then, we went and tracted out a building with no success...

Monday was usual, with dinner at the Worthington's home.  it was pretty cool, especially because he is a huge hunter guy who goes to Africa to hunt big animals!  :D

Love you all!  Take care!


Elder Nathan Hubert

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