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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My final week in Waukesha!!! :( But hey - the time here has been great!

So, as you can tell from the title of this week's update, I received word on Saturday that I will be getting transferred from Waukesha, my home for the last 6 months of my life.  But I had a pretty cool experience recently too.  We had no idea where I was going to go, because we find out on Monday where we are going!  But yesterday night as I started packing, I was looking at the Transfer Board (a piece of paper that shows the entire mission and who is serving where) and I was looking at it, and my eyes rested on one place - Green Bay Spanish.  There was a missionary who had been there for a while, and who had just finished training another missionary there, and I just knew at that moment that I would be going there to be that missionary's second companion - and I found out today that I was right!  It was pretty cool!  :D

But yeah, I am going to be going to serve in a Spanish Branch up in Green Bay and I am super excited to do that - it will certainly help my Spanish out a lot!  :D

But other than that great news - not much happened this week!  I will give you a brief run-through:

Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting, which was pretty fun!  There was this one awkward moment when Elder Wise made a comment that completely was against what the Zone Leaders were saying, and then they completely ignored him, which I thought was pretty funny...  :P  But right after ZTM, we got to go to Leo's house and have a lesson with him!  We talked about the Book of Mormon, and found out that he has actually been reading!  We read more with him  - chapters 3 and 4 in 1st Nephi, and got to explain a bit of what it is talking about.  Then, we got to commit them to come to church.  They didn't end up being able to come, but they definitely can next week!  Work just got in the way this week.  After that, we had a powerful lesson on the Restoration with Homero and Maira, which I am very glad we got to teach because right as we knocked on their door, Germany had just beat Brazil in a 7-1 game for the World Cup, and Homero was pretty upset about it.  Later, we had dinner with Candy, and then got to go and help the Schuenke's move their animals out of the house and to his mother's house because they discovered that their apartment had bed bugs!!!  :(

Wednesday basically began with service at the Food Pantry, which was my last time there.  After that, we got to contact some distant referrals that didn't end up turning into anything.  The first lady said that she didn't want to talk to us because she believed in Jesus Christ.  I was pretty confused by that statement, but before I could say anything about it, the door was already closed.  :(  Then the next one told us that he didn't care about family history, because he only wanted to live for eternity with the relatives that he already knew!  That he didn't care about the rest of his family...  I think he misunderstood us, but that's okay too..?  We were able to share the Ward Vision that we have as the missionaries serving here with some other families that night, and the Spirit was felt a lot as we discussed the best ways to bridge the gap in between the Member Missionary Work and the Full-time Missionary Work.

Thursday was an interesting day...  We started out with an amazing breakfast with Rosa and then we got to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration - luckily a member of the ward had the good version of the movie - and then we went over to the Hope Center to do service.  As we were walking home for lunch after the Hope Center, I started feeling not too good...  So, for the next couple of hours, I was trying to throw up and trying to sleep - both of which didn't work very well..  But finally, it came time to go to a dinner appointment, where I was basically anti-social because I didn't want to get anybody else sick...  But that was that day!  We also started exchanges that night - I went up to Pewaukee with Elder Kimzey.

Exchanges were fun on Friday.  We were able to have Correlation that morning and discuss the best ways to improve the missionary work in the areas, and after that we got to visit a bunch of Less Active members and share Spiritual thoughts with them to try and uplift and edify them - I really hope that it worked because these men desperately need it.  Later, we went up to Pewaukee to return a pan that was given to us, and then got to schedule some service with an English investigator to do on Tuesday - the day right before Transfers!  :D  And then that night, we had dinner with the Schuenkes and got to help them move their animals back into their home.

Saturday morning we spent a couple of hours helping the Whipple family move to a different house in the same ward, which was a great opportunity to meet their non-member friends and I thought that was great!  Later, we got the transfer text that told me that I was leaving, along with Elder Kimzey and Sister Weaver - all of us who got here in mid-January.  Our first teaching opporunity of the day was with Zach Schuenke who came out with us to teach Jesus, where I basically said goodbye to him, and he was pretty upset that I was leaving.  Later, we went to another investigator's house to get some lunch, and then we went to dinner at the Tovias's after meeting with the Wood family.

And Sunday, we visited Leo before church and he told us that he wouldn't be able to go to church, which was too bad.  Then at church, it was difficult telling members that I was leaving.  Many of them were very sad to see me go.  I mean, life goes on, but I have loved being able to be around such great people like this.  I've included a few photos and will be trying to get more photos with people that mean a lot to me.  :D

I love you all!  I'll give you an update on how Green Bay is next week!

I hope that you all are doing great though - and thanks for all of the emails and prayers that come out to us missionaries - they are felt every single day!  Love you!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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