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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Transferred... to GREEN BAY!!!

So on last Monday, I received word that I would be transferred to Green Bay!!!  And because it is a transfer week, this week's email is probably going to be pretty short - and for that I apologize.  But the rest of my Monday went like this:  we were playing sports for P-day, and someone decided they wanted to play outside, so we did!  Then someone decided they wanted to wear cleats, so they did!  So then as we were playing, of course I got clipped from behind by that guy wearing cleats, and then immediately my ankle turned blue and purple and swelled up nice and big, and then I wasn't able to walk on it for the next couple days!  Hoorah!  That makes for an exciting life!

Service at the Phillips
Tuesday morning we had breakfast with Rosa as a goodbye for us and a birthday meal for Elder Larsen, and since he was turning 21, Rosa's sister in law got him a bottle of Champaigne!  But don't worry, we didn't drink it...  Then we went over near Brother and Sister Phillips house in Pewaukee to provide some service by digging a trench, but since my ankle was injured, of course I was useless...  Too bad...  So, after all of that, we had a lesson with Leo and Isabelle, where we got to teach the Word of Wisdom and commit them to live it, and that went pretty well. After which, we had a farewell dinner at the Tateoka's home, and I got a photo with them, with Spring, and with the district, too.  :)  Then that night I finished packing and went and visited and said goodbye to the Senelis, Hansens, and to Deanna and her daughters.

The Waukesha District
With the Tateoka's
With the Seneli's
Wednesday was transfers!  That morning, we said goodbye to the district and I got to say goodbye to all of my other friends, and then I boarded the car up to Oshkosh, and then at Oshkosh, we call it the transfer point, we got to board other cars going to our various zones.  But before we left, I got to see Elder Crisanto, Penate, Peterson, Sister Nichols, Smith, and tons of other people that I'd not seen in a long time!  :D  Then we got in the car going to Green Bay and after an hour long ride, finally arrived at the church and I met my new companion, Elder Jared Miller, from Alpine, UT!  He is a pretty cool guy, and has just barely finished being trained, so I'm his second companion.  Should be fun!

Elder's Hubert and Miller
Thursday morning I got to do the first service that I did in Green Bay.  Our weekly service project is so cool!  What it is is that we go to the YMCA gym in Green Bay and we help out this blind man named Dale by helping him work out - changing his weights and leading him to the various machines that he wants to use.  It is actually pretty cool!  Later in the day, we got to go and visit the Varela family, some of our main investigators, and visit some members too, ending up with 2 lessons by the time we went to play weekly Basketball with members and investigators alike.  

Looking for new mission bikes!
Friday was an amazing day!  Spoiler alert - we ended the day by teaching 10 lessons, which is super good for one day.  We taught 3 as we were tracting in the morning, and then we had the Varelas, and then we had Maria, and Sangra, and Victoria, and some other people whose names currently escape me...   But it was amazing to be able to actually get into the city and talk to people!  I loved it!  :D  (Sorry this is vague - I'm still that 'deer in the headlights' guy right now...)

Clark Hinkle
Paul Hornung
New missionary?
Saturday was kind of strange.  We had planned to go around and invite people to the baptism of one of the English investigators, but instead we got carried away into helping and English member with some service.  He was moving into a rest home, so we helped him pack things away and take them over there, and then he got us lunch, and we got lost a few times, and by the end of it, we only were able to have brief visits with everybody before we went to the baptism itself.  Nobody of ours actually ended up coming to it, but it was a great spiritual experience on its own.  And then after the service, we helped the member some more!

And then on Sunday, we had church!  I loved it so much and am SO excited that I've finally been assigned to labor in a Spanish Branch - it is only going to help me grow and progress even more that I already have.  And then after church, we went and ended up contacting some people, but only got to talk to 1 of them, but that's okay.  :)  We then made up the studies that we had lost that morning because we have church starting at 9am  :)

Love you all!  Sorry the email was rushed today!  I hope that each of you is staying well and that you have a great week!

Things are amazing here in Wisconsin!  Love you so much!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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