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Sunday, August 3, 2014

First complete week in Green Bay :)

Hey!  After a week and a half in this area, I finally feel like I'm able to get a handle on things as I continue working hard and going about the city!  Things are finally making sense as we go around, especially in regards to where we are and who were are in the area to visit.  I know the investigators names now, the only key is going to be getting to know the members!  There aren't too many of them in the humble branch that we're serving in, but I still don't know very many of them yet.  That will come in time...  :)
However, this last week went very well!  Throughout the week we were able to teach over 20 lessons, which even though I know that numbers aren't anything, that is significantly higher than we were able to achieve while serving in Waukesha - which I am super excited about!

Tuesday of this last week, we had our first District Meeting of the transfer, where we talked a lot about getting investigators to church and how we should invite them, and also about giving people church tours when they come!  The invitation to us was to invite people to church by saying "Come worship with us" instead of just "will you come to church?"  It has been tons more effective and I am excited to reap the blessings of this change!  Later in the day, we were able to find this 16-year-old kid named Luis and were able to teach him once, and pick him up as a new investigator as well! 

Green Bay Spanish district
Wednesday we were able to have a great lesson with Horacio, where he started to bash about the Bible and the BofM, but then we pulled out 2 Nephi 29, which is the chapter about how people will say "A bible, a bible, we have already got a bible!"  We were luckily able to be very bold with him, and very loving, and with the Spirit present in the room from opening the Book of Mormon, his heart was able to be touched and he told us that he'd like to be reading the Book of Mormon.  We then had a really good lesson with Alexis (he's a guy), and we talked a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he really liked it.  He said that he wants to be baptized, but he is just very busy with his life right now.  Hopefully eventually we'd be able to help him prioritize!  :)  Later, we had a dinner appointment with the English Elders and taught the Varela family too.

Thursday morning we got picked up pretty early to go down to Milwaukee (a 2 hour+ drive down there) for a Spanish Conference that was going to take all day!  It was really awesome though as we were able to talk a lot about our mutual concerns with the Spanish work in Wisconsin, and also were able to pool together our ideas on how to focus more on Hispanic Men and families, to strengthen the various branches with more priesthood holders.  We also went through the Book of Mormon and were able to come up with a ton of promised blessings to Lehi's seed (the lamanites) which is basically the people that we're teaching.  And then after that, we got to drive home!  So, that was basically our day...  :P

Friday morning we went to the YMCA to help our friend Dale work out, but after an hour of waiting for him to show up, and with him never showing up, we just decided to go home and continue our studies.  So, we did that!  Later, we were able to teach a bunch of new people, including a kid named Ulisses who told us that his family would love to hear more about our message, so we have an appointment to go and visit them again.  :)  And later we got to teach some new people, but they didn't want us to come back.  We ended the evening with a game of Volleyball at the church!  :)

Saturday we got to start out with Soccer with some members and their non-member friends.  After that, Elder Miller and I went out and tried something different...  We went tracting by the Spirit!  :D  We actually got to find 2 new people that we found, and got to talk to Ulisses's parents about our message, and then in the evening we got to have a great Dominican dinner appointment with the Meese family!  It was awesome! 

And Sunday was interesting, when all of us missionaries got to give talks in church, and then we, after church, got to go to the Ramirez family's house for a dinner appointment, and then they had me play an interesting game called Ooga Ooga, basically when Bro. Ramirez is the chief caveman and we have to copy him, and then they do something and embarrass us by getting our butt wet...  There's a video on Dropbox though!  :)


I love you all tons and want you all to know that I'm doing super well!  Green Bay is amazing, and I really hope that each of you have incredible weeks too!   Love you!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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