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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mission Tour, 19th Birthday, and Lambeau Field!

Sooo this week I want to thank everybody who took time and means to send me some things in the mail or emails for my birthday which was on the 17th - they were all greatly appreciated!  Thank you all so very much! 
But I really had such an exciting week this last week. 
It went as follows:
Monday - I mean, even though it was P-day, we didn't necessarily do much.  We played a bit of Volleyball, that's it.  The real excitement of today came when Elder Miller and I placed the 40th copy of the Book of Mormon this transfer.  THAT was exciting!!!  We had a goal to place 40 copies in 6 weeks, but ended up doing it in more like 3.5 weeks, so that was really exciting to be able to accomplish.

Tuesday - we of course had great opportunities to teach, especially our investigator Luis, who we taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation, and Ana who we taught the whole Plan of Salvation.  And then later we had dinner with the Ramirez family!  :D  Later that night, the Elders serving in Iron Mountain came down to spend the night with us before going over to Mission Tour the next day, and we played a nice prank on them where I was tied up with a pillowcase over my head and duct taped to a chair, and then they came in and had to rescue me from my crazy companion...  :P  It was pretty fun.  :)

Wednesday - we got to drive down to Neenah for Mission Tour!  Right as we got to the church building, we got there the same time as President Cutler and Elder Martino - the visiting member of the 70.  After that, I had to go and conduct a practice of the musical number because I got put in charge of directing the choir of people from our zone!  It was actually pretty fun though, and sounded pretty good!  :D  And we were able to learn lots from Elder Martino, especially about how we need to include the members in our areas more.  :)
Thursday - was kind of an unaffective day...  Unfortunately.  In the morning we went to the YMCA to help out Dale for our weekly service.  Then when we got home, we did our weekly planning session for the week which took a few hours, and then  we headed over to the church to teach our investigator Luis, but he never showed up, so we just stayed and played Basketball until the end of the night.
Friday - we spent basically the entire day down in the Bellevue trainer park, and even though none of our initial contacts were there or to be found, we were able to teach a whole bunch of people and get some new investigators as well!  :D  All in all, a very effective day!  However it was kind of upsetting when we went to our lesson with the Carlos family and our member never shwoed up so we couldn't teach them because there was no male present...  :P
Saturday - we began with Correlation Meeting!!  :D  Later in the day, we were able to contact the Bautista family, an awesome couple, the Juarez family, the Lopez family, and the Carlos family, even though we weren't really able to teach the Carlos's a lesson.  The best part about today was when I called Luis to invite him to church, and he told me that his mom had told him that even though she had had a bad experience with the church in the past, it was time for him to have his own experience.  So awesome!

Sunday - this morning I opened presents and things that I had gotten from people for my birtdhay!  I also had a great pancake-cake thing in the morning.  Then, at church, Luis came!!!  It was awesome, especially when he stayed for all 3 hours!  And then right after church, we had a lunch appointment with the Arandas, and they had this delicious Mexican meal and some Tres Leches cake that I loved!  :D  Later in the day we got to teach some more, but it was such an amazing birthday!  :D  The Hmong Elders even joined us in the apartment for some dinner!
Monday - today - we got to take an amazing tour of Lambeau Field, the stadium of the NFL team the Green Bay Packers!  There are lots of photos I took, so include some!  :P  It was really pretty awesome, I had no idea that there was so much history involved!  We even got to see some of the players from a distacnce,that was pretty cool!  And now I'm here!



Anyways, I love you all so much!  I hope your weeks were as good as mine was, and I hoep that they continue to be great!  I love you ALLLL!  :D
Hakuna Matata, and keep the faith!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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