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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another week passes in Wisconsin, The Packer's had a public practice,and I lost my wallet!

Hey everybody!  I had a great week here, and Elder Miller and I were able to be very successful in teaching our investigators and helping them come closer to Christ.  Our main goal right now is that we are trying to help them change their desires, that they might be as it says in Mosiah 18, and have their own desire to enter the waters of Baptism and to be called His people, and to go further in this gospel.  So, this is how my week went!

Monday evening, after P-day activities and everything, we went down to the trailer park on the edge of Bellevue street and we met up with Teresa, a lady that we had met earlier, and we got to teach a lesson!  However, more interested than she was, was her husband Angel, who told us that he really wants to learn more and that he wants to come to church and everything, so we're going to start working with him!  :D
Tuesday, we had our final District Meeting of this transfer.  It was actually a very powerful meeting, closing with testimonies, and I absolutely loved that!  Just being able to hear the genuine Spirit come off of the tongues of these other Elders was such a blessing to be present for - I loved it.  I also felt the Spirit as I testified, which is always an amazing feeling.  Right after DTM, we had exchanges!  I went with Elder Harding to the Spanish B area, which is not my own.  We worked throughout the day, finally being able to teach 3 lessons to some people, even though none of them were sit-down lessons.  Every person's conversion has to start somewhere!

Wednesday, we finished exchanges in the morning, where Elder Harding and I had an amazing breakfast with the Ponce family, and got to teach their brother and sister-in-law, who showed great interest in the gospel, and who we will hopefully be able to begin teaching.  :D  Later, we were back in the trailers on Bellevue, and contacted a referral that we had been given!  The name of this man was Darryl, and he and his mother and son are from the great country of India!  But since they were referred to us, we didn't have to give them to anybody else.  They are pretty hard core Catholic, but our next appointment with them is going to be a really authentic Indian cuisine, so we are very excited for that.  :)
Thursday began with us busing over to the YMCA to help Dale with his workout, which is where my adventure begins.  As we were about to catch the bus to go back home, I realized that my wallet was NOT in my bag that I had brought with me!  So, we went back and checked the YMCA, and they didn't have it, and after a while of looking, we called a member to see if he could give us a ride.  So he came and rescued us stranded missionaries, and we called the bus station and they didn't have it either!  So, unfortunately, my wallet got stolen, including my Driver's License, mission debit card, temple recommend, medical cards from the mission, and some other stuff too, and ALL of it has to be replaced soon!  That is going to be the real adventure - trying to get everything replaced!  The rest of the day was us weekly planning, and then we had basketball in the evening where some new friends named Ulisses and Edgar came, and they really enjoyed it!  :D

Friday, because I had no bus pass (also lost with my wallet), we had to use the bikes that we borrowed some from members.  Unfortunately, it was also a very humid day so we were very sweaty (I know it's gross, but it's also natural...  :P)  So, we contacted a whole bunch of former investigators in a particular area, and got to teach a bunch of people, and even got to get a new investigator!!! 
Saturday, we got the transfer text in the morning that let us know that Elder Miller and I are going to be serving together for another transfer, so I'm super stoked for that!  We also got to do some contacting around our area before heading to the church for a baptism that the GB2 sisters were having, and it was awesome because Miles, the guy getting baptized, wanted us to be in a photo with him, so we got it!  (I'll have to get that from the sister who's camera we used). 
Then on Sunday, we had a very productive day.  We had church, and unfortunately none of our investigators were able to come this week (but they promised to come next week!), and right after that we had a lunch appointment with the Rios family, and they are super great!  While there, we each ate a super spicy pepper and when I ate mine, they didn't think I had actually eaten it because I wasn't freaking out like everybody else!  :P  And later, we had a huge miracle.  We were able to teach 10 lessons on a Sunday in an area that we had never been to before, so I was very happy about that.  We only used people from the area book that were counted as Potentials or Referrals, and were able to make contact with a lot of them over again.  I love missionary work so much!
And then today, we got to go back over to Lambeau Field area and watch a practice by the Green Bay Packers team!  It was sweet, and I took some photos (some good, some not), so you can go through those and choose which ones to share.  And now I'm here!  :)

Anyways, I love you all SO very much and I want you to know that!  :)  This church is so very true, and I come to realize that more and more.  I hope all of you are well, and I want you to know that each of you mean so much to me.  Love you!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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