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Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Green Bay week gone by

Yeah, so this week was a quick one!  And I attribute that mostly to the fact that last week's P-day was on a

Tuesday, so this one came quicker than most.  :P

But what we did on Tuesday was we emailed, we went to the Halloween Store that just opened in the mall, and we tried on some fun masks and everything, and then we played Sports later on, including some Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball!  It was fun!  :D  After all of those activities, we went over to Ana's house and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to baptism, but in response to that she told us that she believes in the Virgin de Guadalupe and everything...  So, progress is being made slowly but surely!

Wednesday we had District Meeting!  I really liked this week's meeting though.  I got to give a training on a Christlike Attribute, and the one I chose for that was the attribute of Graciousness, and it went pretty well.  :)  Later, we had a pretty awesome District Meeting led by our new District Leader named Elder Landaverry.  He's a pretty awesome guy!  :)  And while we were there, I got an awesome new quote!  It says:  "All I can do is all I can do, and all I can do is enough if I know it's all I can do."  I like that.  Right after DTM I got to go over to the Ramirez's to call the Utah DMV and get some paperwork sent out to me out here so I can apply for a new copy of my driver's license!  So, hopefully in a few months, I'll get a new license!  Later, we spent some time teaching lessons including the Vargas family and finding some new people.  We also taught the word of wisdom to a drunk guy!  :)

Thursday, we went to the YMCA to help Dale work out.  That was fun, but on our way out, it was raining SO much, just a complete downpour!  (Photos included)  Then, we went and had a lunch appointment with some guys that we know, and the lesson that we had decided previously to teach them was based on the Law of Chastity, but as we were teaching it, it turns out that they were gay!  That was awkward, but all we did was commit them to pray about it and turn to the Lord to help them live it.  :P  When we got home, we were weekly planning for a while, but eventually got picked up by the Ramirez boys to go to our dinner appointment with them and it was at this place called Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was so fun!  And that is how we closed our day.  It was kind of like a 'year mark' party type thing..  :P

Friday we had a great day and taught a lot of lessons.  We spent time in 3 different areas and were able to help each of them progress.  We also stopped by the Carlos family's place to check up on them, and we found that Veronica was sick, so we offered her a blessing, and she accepted!  So we gave her a blessing and had a lesson on the Priesthood and the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost was so strong there.  I absolutely loved that feeling!  We just really hope that they have the desire to follow that feeling that they had!  :D

Saturday morning we went and tried to contact some people that we had scheduled lessons with, but each of them fell through.  However, for lunch, we were able to go over to this place called Bay Beach and have a picnic/birthday party with some Hmong people we know.  Later, we went and had some lessons including one with Luis and this new lady named Dilcia, where we had a super powerful Restoration lesson with her..  :)

And then Sunday we had church, and Luis came with us!  It was awesome!  After church we had lunch with the Rios family, and then got picked up by a member in his awesome oldies car and got some sweet photos with it!

But basically that sums up our week!  I'm loving it up here in Green Bay and I absolutely love my mission!  :D
--Elder Nate Hubert

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