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Monday, September 22, 2014

September 25= year mark

Well, the title basically explains how I'm feeling right now...  I wonder where the time has gone...  And even though I wonder that, I am so excited for the future.  The last year, I have learned and grown so much, and I'm excited for what the future holds.  All I have is one more year to show the Lord my love through my service and the way that I am.  :)  I love this chance that I have!  :D

But basically, this last week was spent making all of the necessary plans to have a baptismal service on the 27th!!!  :D  Luis is super excited, and we even got the baptismal record all filled out.  We're very excited and I'll for sure include photos for next week!!!  One cool thing is that we had Stake Conference and Luis came to the session on Saturday night, AND the one on Sunday!  It was awesome to see him there, and then that gave him the opportunity to meet President Cutler and to meet the Stake President, who is a super great speaker.  :)

On Thursday, we had a funny experience when we went to a member's house who just got his mission call, talked to him only in Spanish, and then recruited his help to come and teach Luis with us!  :D  We also had a Branch Activity that night, which was fun because they celebrated all of the birthdays in August, so that meant mine!  :P

Friday we had exchanges and it was awesome because we taught a lot of lessons, and we were even able to defend the church very well against this lady who really wanted to bash with us.  It turned out being a good situation and we were able to change her hateful attitude to an accepting one, and then she accepted a Book of Mormon!

Just in closing, I just wanted to let you all know that Elder Wise loves you!  and I love you too!  :D  This is a song that I found that is about missions that I really liked - thought I'd share it with you in celebration for my year mark!  :)
--Elder Nate Hubert

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