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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Luis got baptized! :D

This week we had a really really great one and I'm super excited to tell you all about it!  :D  Last Monday we spent at the Wildlife Sanctuary here in Green Bay.  It's basically kind of a Zoo that is free and we get to check out and see the animals.  It was fun!  Later that night, we got to go and meet this super nice lady named Nancy, who is a referral from the GB2 sisters.  Yeah, I'm basically sure that she's going to get baptized soon!

Tuesday, we had District Meeting!  After that, we went around the church and contacted a whole bunch of people, and then we got to go back to the church to meet Luis there, because he had to get his baptismal interview from Elder Landaverry.  The interview went well - he passed it with flying colors!  Basically everything that everybody says about him is the same - that he is super impressive especially for a 16-year-old.  That was good though!
Wednesday we had a crazy good day and got to teach a lot of new people and got to try out some new areas that Elder Miller, who has been here for 7 months, had never been to before.  That's the goal that we have though, is to continue to branch out and try new areas so that we can further the work of salvation in this city.

Thursday, we helped out Dale at the YMCA and worked out ourselves, and then we got to go and join Elder Harding and Landaverry to celebrate mine and Elder Harding's year mark by going to A&W for lunch!  After that, we went to the church and taught Luis how to tie a tie, and also talked to him about his earrings and about going to Early Morning Seminary, which he really wants to do.  After that, we had Basketball!

Friday was us basically finalizing all of the plans for the baptism the next day - we wanted to make sure that everything happened well and everyhting!  :D  But, we also had a chance to teach some people, especially when Carlos (a member) decided that he wanted to come and drive us around for like an hour, where we were able to pump out 3 lessons with him there!  That night, we helped the branch set up for a baby shower, and then played Volleyball as usual.

Saturday morning started with Correlation and filling up the font.  At around 10, Luis got there, and we folded the programs and set everything up, and then we talked to him briefly while giving him a small copy of a painting of Christ to hold on to.  It was a great meeting, and then after we had gotten some photos with him and his family, the baptism started!  It went very well and it was awesome to be able to get him under and then out of the water again with zero issue - I loved that part.  Later in the day, we had the opportunity to help a member move, and also got to teach some lessons.  One of my favorite memories was when we got to give Luis's family a tour of the church - they definitely felt the Spirit!  I know it!

And Sunday, Luis got confirmed!  What a great thing to see!  :D

I love you all so much!  Thanks for the great support and for every prayer you offer in our behalf!  Adios!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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