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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ZL Exchanges, Evangelist church, service, trunk or treat, and teachingseminary!

Hey everybody!

This last Tuesday, I was able to give a district meeting all about the Law of Chastity, which was the assigned theme from our mission president.  It actually went very well!  We talked some about how we can teach it better, and then some more about how we as missionaries can increase in virtue.  :)  After that, Elder Harding and I got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and Elder Burgoyne got to come with me.  :)  We were able to teach several lessons, which was fun because I got to do all of it because Elder Burgoyne doesn't speak Spanish very much (he's a Hmong missionary), although we did have an awesome lesson with the Solorio family where we invited them to baptism and Elder Burgoyne was able to testify of what the message was about!  They have not accepted a date yet, but hopefully this next week!  Later, we had a great lesson about the Sacrament with Veronica, so hopefully she'll come to church soon to partake of it.

Wednesday, we closed the exchange after having a lunch appointment with the Arcos family, and then later we went over to our friend Marvin's house for a 'meeting' of sorts.  What he failed to tell us was that it was going to be an evangelical church meeting hosted in his home!  Everybody there was way nice to us, until the Pastor got there.  He looked at us and the first thing he said was "What are you doing here?"  We told him that Marvin had invited us, and then he chewed out Marvin for inviting us!  Then he turned around and said, "You're welcome, I mean we're not going to let you say anything, but you're welcome."  Yeah, right... Now I feel welcome, thanks a lot Mr. Pastor.  :P  But, it was a very interesting experience.  One lady got out an electric guitar and she and the congregation all sang this song.  For 38 minutes, no joke...  It was crazy!  (Note:  This is all in Spanish)  Then, the pastor gets up there and starts teaching false doctrine!  He starts preachign out of the Old Testament, and I opened up my bible to a chapter that completely disproved everything that he was talking about!  Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut...  But it was hard...  :P

Thursday, we helped Dale, had a lunch appointment with the Ayon family where we helped them prepare to go to teh temple and get sealed, a huge help being the Church's new Garment video (if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it) and then later we weekly planned and had a lesson with Luis Munoz where we talked about Joseph Smith!

Friday we finished weekly planning and then we went and contacted in an area for a few hours before getting picked up for our dinner appointment, which is where we were for the rest of the night.  Boring I know...  :P

Saturday, we went to a baptism by the Sister Missionaries in the morning, and then for the next 4 hours us and the GB1 Elders did service by raking leaves and splitting wood!  :)  Later, we taught some lessons in by the church and stopped in at the 1st ward activity at the trunk or treat.

Sunday we had church, and unfortunately we had no investigators there...  Even though we were expecting 4 of them.  Not sure why they couldn't come, but they couldn't...  Later, we had a lunch with the Ramirez family, and then a dinner with the Reyes family (investigators of Spanish B).  Hoorah!

And then this morning at 6, we taught Early Morning Seminary about missionary work!  Yay!
I love you all so much!  I hope you know that!
Have an amazing week!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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