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Monday, November 3, 2014

Zone Conference, Halloween, and idk...

I gotta do a brief run-down of the week because I have missionaries waiting for me and I gotta catch a bus pretty soon.  :)
Holding an original 1830 Book of Mormon
Copies of Joseph and Hyrax's death masks
With the AP

Last Tuesday morning we got picked up by the GB1 Elders and driven down to a city called Shawano, about an hour away, to go to Zone Conference!  While we were there we learned so much, and there was this speaker there named Brother Pountaine, and he shared his amazing conversion story, and he brought an original copy of the BofM that he had, along with copies of the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.  It was so awesome to get photos with them!  :)  I also got photos with a whole bunch of missionaries there, which was cool.  Later on in the day, we had a lesson with the Solorio family which was amazing, where we committed them to read from the Book of Mormon, and they agreed to do taht, so of course we were happy!
On the way to Shawano

Tuesday we went and we contacted on Walnut Street and nearby streets for a while, which was pretty successful because we found this lady named Manuela who really liked talking to us and wants us to come back and meet the rest of her family, too!  We also found this lady named Lluvia Luz, which basically means rain light.  We also contacted some referrals and had a dinner with the Gonzalez family!
Thursday we helped Dale work out at the YMCA and then after that, we had another follow-up lesson with the Solorio family where we read more of the BofM and talked a lot about it with them.  They believe taht it is true!  They really enjoyed the stories and they promised that they would come to church!  :D  Later, we got picked up and taken to the church to help set up and participate in the Branch Halloween Party, which was pretty fun.  I especially liked the part when Luis Munoz's family showed up - that was cool to see.

Autographed Clay Mathews jersey
Friday we went near the Vanderbraak st. area and we contacted a whole bunch of people that we know over there, and we were able to talk to 2 member families and share some messages that really helped them, and we ended up the night of Halloween over at Luis's house because his mom had invited us over for dinner.  We had dinner, played some games with the kids while the adults ate, and before we left we shared an awesome message about the Book of Mormon with the fmaily before we left, and the family and their friedns all wanted a copy.  ALl in all, we gave out 7 copies of the BofM that day!
Saturday we taught 7 lessons as we went from area to area, and hopefully they will all turn into something eventually but for now they were all first lessons.  :)
Sorry this is so short, but on Sunday after church we planned out a lesson with the Sister Missionaries to teach later that night with our investigator (they were coming too) and then we had calls with the other elders and the zone leaders, and then a dinner appointment on the west side, followed by going to our lesson who stood us up.  ;P
But hey, that was our week in a very quick summary.  I love you all!  Have a great week!
--Elder Nate Hubert

Happy Elders in the Green Bay south zone

Green Bay south zone

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