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Monday, November 10, 2014

Miracles on my Mission!

So, as usual, I'm running out of time...  So, I'm going to make this quick!  I apologize for that!  :)  I wish I could just include every single detail about every single thing that's going on, as well as every single thing that I'm learning, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way.  However, we're all going to be able to talk about all of these stories when I'm home from my mission someday...  :P  So, yeah.  Bring it up with me then.  :)
On Monday of this last week, we hung out at the mall with some other missionaries.  It was actually a very dull P-day, so that's too bad.  However, to end off the day, Elder Harding and I were able to meet a new family, the Cortez family!  They are formers from some Sister missionaries, so we're going to start teaching them because they speak Spanish.
First Snow!
Tuesday, we had District Meeting all about how to use members in our missionary work.  The main point that we were trying to make was that we must teach in UNITY when members are there!  It is not just that the member answers questions, or prays, but that they help teach the doctrine as well!  The purpose of a missionary as listed in Preach my Gospel is not just for the full time missionaries, but for the "every member a missionary" too, so I think we should all study that and do a little better at it.  Later on that day, we talked to Manuela again, and this time we met her husband, who was very cold towards us at the beginning.  However, after he heard a bit of what we had to say, and how we conducted ourselves, he came out of the other room and was so nice to us!  It was awesome to see that transformation take place as the Spirit was present. 
Consecration board
Wednesday, we attempted to contact people around a street called Edgewood, being able to contact 5 referrals today.  We met this guy who told us his name was Dirty Jesus (spelled JEZIS to make it not sacreligious), and we had an interesting conversation with him before we were kicked out of the house by a very rude lade.  Later, we had a dinner with the Arcos family with was interesting.  It's always interesting.  :P  Later, we visited Luis Ponce with Brother Arcos and that was interesting too.  However, I was really happy with how things went today because to close off the night, we had a great lesson with Maria Mendoza about the Book of Mormon and things around that.  We also got to see Ana again, for the first time in a long time!

Thursday, we helped Dale work out and then weekly planned before getting taken to the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings by some members to celebrate his birthday, and then we went to the church to have a church tour with the Solorio family, but they showed up to tell us that their kids were sick so they couldn't do it today.  But hopefully soon!

Elder Hubert
Friday we had exchanges with the other Spansh elders, and I got to go onto the West side with Elder Landaverry!  We did a lot of service at this food pantry kind of place, and we also got to go and attempt to find people in their new area, but turns out that not very many hispanics live over there...  That's too bad. 
Elder Landaverry

Saturday, we played Soccer with members and investigators in the morning, followed by us attending a baptism that the 2nd Ward sisters had!  Manuela was supposed to come, but she kind of flaked out on us for whatever reason.  Later, as we were up on Edgewood for some return appointments, and met this family - the Nieves family.  We had met the husband before, but turns out he has a wife and 3 kids that are all above the age of 8!  So we taught them the Restoration after getting into their house, and then we invited them to church, and they accepted!  Except for the husband, who is always working.  But hey, we were very excited by that!!!
The next day, we could barely believe our eyes when they were there!!!  It was awesome!  Lisa, Hubert (the 10-yr-old son) and Orelia (9) and Pedro (8), and they loved it!  They liked it so much, even though Lisa had tons of questions.  We answered them during the 2nd hour of church, and we were able to talk about TONS of different doctrinal points, especially about how the GOspel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of healing.  At the end of the lesson, they all 4 had accepted a baptismal date for December 13- pray that they make it!!!
Hey, that's my week!  I hope you had a good week too!  Right now in the mission we're allreading the Book of Mormon together and I am learning so much new stuff!!!  I'd love to tell you about it but I have to go.  :)  Adios everybody!  Till next week!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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