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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HOLA! Mission update=I'm a trainer!!

Hey everybody!  As the subject line said, I have recently been called to be a trainer!  So I guess what that means is that our mission president trusts me to not corrupt a new missionary too badly.  It should be fun though!  I'll let you know who it is and I'll have a few photos for you next week!  :D
But here's our update for the week!

On Monday after our P-day activities and everything, it was really awesome because we were able to find 7 new invesigators in 1 night!  How did we pull that one off?  We found 2 groups of people.  First, we found Cecilia and Liliana and they invited us to come back and teach them!  Then, we found a group of 5 teenage guys that call themselves "The Squad."  They are all hispanic and speak both Spanish/English, and they like us as guys, and they are all kind of religious, so they invited us to come back so we could watch "The Restoration" video with all of them!  That was a pretty cool visit!

Green Bay Spanish District
The next day on Tuesday we had District Meeting, and that was decent.  I've been to better ones, but oh well...  :P  After everything there, we went to our apartment to drop off our jackets and head out to go and work.  We took a white board that we have at the apartment so that we'd be able to use it as we demonstrated The Plan of Salvation to Manuela.  When we got to her house, we were surprised to find Manuela there with 2 of her daughters, Irene and Karen, and after 1 1/2 hours of talking about the Plan, we finished the lesson and committed all 3 of them to be baptized in December!  It was a miracle!
Wednesday we talked to Lisa and her husband for a while and then later had a dinner with the Arcos family.  After that, we had a lesson with the Carlos family where we talked a lot about the Restoration and after that lesson, we both felt that they weren't really into the message, so our next visit with them on Wednesday is going to be a nice 'do or die' lesson...  Wish us luck!  We also had a visit with the Solorios and they are doing well!
Thursday we helped Dale work out and then for the rest of the day we weekly planned, then had both of our lessons fall through before we went to the church to help some of the members practice for the upcoming talent show, and ended the day with Basketball!

Elders and Dale
Friday, we did some work over on Spinnaker and found a man named Jacento who we taught a full Restoration lesson with.  After that, we went to go and teach the Squad, but they cancelled with us.  So rather, we bus contacted to make up time, and then we met some guys on the bus that were jailbirds, and talked to them about life for a bit.  We also got taken out to Texas Roadhouse that night!
Saturday we got the transfer text that told us that Elder Harding was going to be leaving, and then throughout the day we went and said goodbye to people for Elder Harding and he started packing all of his stuff. We did, however, have a lesson about church attendance with Manuela and saw Lisa and her kids and taught them the Restoration.
Sunday we spent saying goodbye to people!  Now I have like 9 missionaries waiting for me to leave!
Love you tons - ADIOS!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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