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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's a BOY!!! Training Elder Norris, chapter 1

Well, this week was actually kinda crazy!  Because on Monday, as I informed you last week, I was told that I'd be training a new missionary.  It was kind of a looming task, but I apprioached it with as much zeal as I could, and things seem to be turning out great, so that's good!  

Elder Hubert and Elder Harding
Elder Hubert, Elder Shipp and Elder Norris
But on Tuesday, we went and visited a bunch of people - members and investigators alike - to say goodbye from Elder Harding.  We had a dinner that evening at the Alvorado's, then we came home and walked to Luis Munoz's house so he could say adios to them, and then we came back home and I got picked up by Elder Dickey, one of the missionareis from the UP (upper peninsula) because he was going to be training a new missionary as well.  So we left our companions in Green Bay and we drove to Milwaukee so that we'd be able to go to our meeting the next morning at 7:45  And guess who we spent the night with?!  None other than my trainer, my companion a year ago, Elder SHIPP!!  It was crazy to be able to see him again and reminisce, to be able to talk about the different experiences that we've had over the next year.  

Elder Hubert and Elder Norris

The next morning, we got up super early to head over to the church and be seated for our meeting by 7:45, and after being trained by the Assistants, President and Sister Cutler, we met our trainees and got photos with them!  Elder Norris is from Panguitch, Utah and he's a great kid.  We got trained together, and then we loaded up our stuff and drove back up to Green Bay.  I loved being able to see so many of my friends in Milwaukee - totally great!  And then when we got back up here, I sat him down and introduced him to the area and the area book, we talked about different things, and then we set out to go and teach people!  Later, we came back so he could have time to unpack and we could eat...

Thursday we got to do our first study sessions together and then we got to do Weekly Planning!  That took a while because I had to teach him how to do it...  :)  But the highlight of the day was when we had a lesson in the evening and Elder Norris followed through with a commitment he got from President Cutler and he invited a hispanic man to be baptized on a specific date, and the man, named Jesus, accepted the invitation!  So now we're going to be working with him to do that.  :D

Friday was a slower day because we went and got signed up to go and do service at a new place - turns out doing service at the YMCA wasn't approved.  Good thing we know that now!  But we got signed up and filled up our time with contacting people we knew in that area, but not a lot of people were home...  :(

Saturday we had studies and then later we went to the Nieves family's house and had a lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation, and then we went to the church to help them set up for the Talent Show that was that day, and then we stayed there for a few hours viewing/participating in the show.  I got to sing a song, and it was way pitchy but I included a video anyways, so don't judge me tons...  :P  But that was fun!!!

However, Saturday and Sunday were hard for Elder Norris because he realized how much Spanish he's going to be speaking so now we're going to eb working super hard with him so that he's ready to do HARD WORK!  :D

Love you all SUPER TONS!  I hope that all is well for you and that you have a great THANKSGIVING WEEK!  Don't get too fat!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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