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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The things that happened this week

Helllllooooooo everybody! 
So, I'm just going to go over the occurances of this week!  On Monday, we had preparation day and we went and did the tour of Lambeau Field again because we have new missionaries here who haven't seen it yet!  It was pretty cool!

On Tuesday it was my first district meeting that I had to be in charge of, so I guess it was okay.  Basically I was super scared...  :P  But I'm really excited for the one I get to give tomorrow because it's on the Law of Chastity - that should be fun!  Later on, Elder Harding and I got to go and teach the Carlos family, and also find some new people, including some people of Mayan descent!  We ended the day with an unexpected dinner at the Grijalva's place (some members) and we shared a message with them.  :D

Wednesday we got to spend a lot of time in some various areas contacting our friends that we already knew.  We also spent some time on the buses talking to people and teaching them, which of course is an awesome thing for us to do especially because Elder Harding can't walk that much.  We had a dinner with the Ayon family and it was great!  They are such an amazing family, and they're going to be going to the temple soon to get sealed!  We also helped the other Spanish elders move apartments today.  They moved from their place in our area to an apartment in their area on the west side of green bay!

Thursday we got to help Dale work out which of course is always awesome, especially because I got to go running on the track there!  Later on, we weekly planned for a bit and then went to dinner with the Ramirez family at this place called Hu Hot - it's very good.  Later, we watched a little bit of the Joseph Smith movie with Luis Munoz to teach him a bit more about the life of the prophet, and then we had basketball.
Friday, we had exchanges.  I was with Elder Bernet, a new missionary in our district who is from Texas.  He's been out for 20-ish months so it's looming to try to train him in any capacity, but I was able to learn some things from him so that was good.  We were able to go tracting and contacting and had a very successful exchange.
Saturday morning, Elder Harding and I went to go find a Less Active man, but he doesn't live in the address we have.  Later, we had a lesson with a guy named Antonio - hopefully we'll get in with his whole family soon.  Also, we went to a baptismal service for a member's daughter.  She had a birthday party afterwords and it lasted a while, but we were able to give a church tour to our 4 investigators who came to the service, so that was good!  Later on, we attempted to contact other people too.

Sunday, we had church in the morning, and then later we had a great lunch appointment at the Rios family's place.  Later on, I got a visit from one of my mom's friends who came up to Green Bay for the game and dropped of a little package from home!  Thanks for the cookies!  :D  Then, I got to do phone calls with the district and with the Zone Leaders and we called it a night!  :D
--Elder Nate Hubert

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