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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 19 - January 25

I had a great week this week, but I'll just get right into it:

Monday the 19th, we had P-day.  It was a regular old Preparation Day, but the end of the day was the best part, by far!  We met President Krehbiel (member of mission presidency) and his wife at a restaurant and they took us out to eat, and then after that we went to the church and I got a blessing by him and Elder Norris because my back had been killing me!  But now I'm good - that's the power of the Priesthood for you.  It was a great blessing, I'm glad I had that experience.  Then, they went with us to a lesson with the Nieves family where we were able to talk about Conversion and the process of coming to know the truth of things, and to develop testimony about things.  They seemed to understand very well!  The lesson went a little over time, but then we got to go near our house and have another super short lesson about the Book of Mormon with a new investigator we have named Diego!
Elder Hubert and Elder Norris
Tuesday we had District Meeting and it was all about planning, so I used an example from the Book of Mormon, when the Nephite commander Teancum goes into the Lamanite Camp and kills the king.  The first time he does it, he plans for it and is fine!  But the second time, he doesn't plan, goes alone, and doesn't do as well, and ends up getting killed.  But the principle of the meeting was that when we plan, we're able to 'pierce the hearts' of our investigators, similar to how Teancum pierced the hearts of the kings with a Javelin.  :)  I thought it was a good example.  After that, we started exchanges, and I went with Elder Museus on the West Side.  On the bus ride to their place, a bunch of girls on the bus started flirting with me and commenting on my eyes, how blue they are all like "Are those your real eyes?  Your eyes are so pretty!  They real cute!  You're cute!"  And I started blushing...  Yeeeeeeeah...  :P  But later, we got to teach the Law of Chastity to some female investigators - kinda awkward...  But hey, we got through it.

Wednesday we finished exchanges by visiting a Less Active man and teaching him about having family and personal prayer so that he can develop the testimony that he once had.  We exchanged back and then we went and taught Maria Sanchez about the scriptures, and had a lesson with Yaritza about the restoration!
Thanks for the package from sweet friends!
Thursday we did Weekly Planning, and then we went to go and teach a lesson, but totally got stood up for lessons that we had planned.  2 of them!!!  But hey, we did get to visit the Grijalva family, and they fed us which was nice.  They had this super hot salsa that I was eating, and then they had me eat a taco with only salsa in it.  I died.  Almost.  Later, we went and found a bunch of new people over on a street that we've not been to before, so that was good!  And we were going to have a lesson with a lady we know named Angelina, but it cancelled like an hour before so we had to cancel with our member present which is always too bad...  :(  But later, we got to visit with Luis and then got to play Basketball!  :)

Friday, we had to go to the library in the morning because there was something online that our mission president wanted me to look at to prepare for District Meeting.  So, we did that, and then as soon as we were done we went over to St. Vinny's thrift store to do our 2 hours of service, and then we did contacting nearby that street!  We found this guy who was totally white, looked totally American, but turns out he's from Puerto Rican.  Now when I say white, I mean he had curly brown hair and was more pale than me!  :P  But hey, whatever!  We also taught a bunch of other families, all new people, and even invited baptism to one man and he said that if he knew it was true, he would get baptized.  That's always a good sign!  We were also taken to dinner that night to a hispanic restaurant and it was pretty dang good over there!  Then, we went and taught the Nieves family and went to Volleyball at the church for like 40 minutes before going home.

Saturday morning we got a ride to a place that's an hour away from Green Bay and we went to lunch with our Branch President who lives out in the boonies - in farm land, super far away from the city.  I included a few photos of the family, the farm, and of his son who crashed his car a while back.  We were up there for like an hour or so and then came back to Green Bay and we taught some lessons to some people, and sorry this is super lame as an explanation, and then we had dinner with GB1 Elders in our apartment!

Sunday was fun, basically what we did was church!  That's when we heard the sad news that the Nieves kids aren't gonna get baptized because their dad is banning them from getting baptized...  That's way too bad...  But hey, we'll work through it.  Also during the day, we helped some members break into their car because they locked the keys in their car, and then we taught a lesson to some members, and it's a super good thing we stopped by because they were going through a really bad and hard time, and then we taught Yaritza about the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and then we had dinner!

That's my week, but to copy a phrase that I used last week, we Hubert kids are known for being short, and this email is just proof that I'm staying true to form.  Love you all!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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