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Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year's, Drunk Rampage, Police Car, Baptism, one crazy week!

So basically the entire beginning of my week doesn't matter...  It cannot compare to the pure funny/awesome/crazy stories of later in the week.  Basically what happened is that on Monday we found out where everybody was going because we got the transfer boards!  No worries - I'm still in Green Bay.
Tuesday, we had an amazing lesson with the Solorio family about the 10 Commandments.  What made it so great was because Sister Rios came over with us and helped us out - it was awesome!

Wednesday was the last day of the year, and it was transfer day.  So, I had to say goodbye to a whole bunch of my friends!  Elder Peterson, Elder Pike, Elder Eyring, and Elder Drishinski all left me and went to other places in Wisconsin - so sad...  The weirdest part is that I came to GB with all of them, and then they all just left me!  So I'm still here, and I've been here longer than everybody else...  :P

But Thursday, let me tell you about Thursday...  Thursday began like every other day, you know with the usual studies and then we did Weekly Planning, and it was actually a super good wp session!  And then we set out to go and do some work at about 4.  I know, super long, but that's not the best part.  So, we live on a street called Abrams, and we were walking down the street and contacting people!  We actually found this one LA lady that is no longer associated with the church, and while we were talking to her, some lady in her driveway backed up, and then pulled right into a pole!  We didn't think anything of it, and then we continued onward...  We just kinda though "oh, well somebody is a bad driver."  Then, we went and met this guy named Amado and taught him a lesson, and then we decided to start walking home because we were running late in regards to our daily plan.  But as we were doing that, we saw the same car as before, back out of the driveway all the way into the curb on the other side of the street, and then we saw it pull forward to try and go onto the street, but instead of hitting the pole, it hit a car that was coming from oncoming traffic!  It was a head-on collision, and we were both like "are you serious?!  Is this happening??"  Both cars kinda sat there at a standstill, the one that got hit was honking a lot, and then they both backed up, and the one that hit the other decided to try and run away, so she drove around the guy and fled the scene!  Then, the guy that got hit made a super quick U-turn and sped after her, following her down the street.  They pulled down a perpendicular street and pulled over to the side of the road, and then the guy that got hit got out and opened up the other car door and started screaming at her.  I've never heard so many swear words in the same sentence!  But then, she got out and pushed him around (she was pretty large) and when he tried to get her license plate number, she got back in the car and tried to hit him!  He's all freaking out, and we went over and said, "Don't worry - we saw the whole thing!"  So, we all went back over to her house and she pulled onto a bunch of people's front lawn in an attempt to get back into her driveway, and then she got out of the car and fell over, and then got back up and fell over again!  And after fighting with the guy again, she ran into the house.  So, by this time there's a crowd gathered because she appartently hit a whole bunch of other cars between the two times she hit things that we saw.  SO, she's in the house, and some people outside start calling the cops and then the cops show up!  We're just standing there, waiting to see what we need to do because we're witnesses, and tehn the cops go into the house and after like a 7 minute struggle, they all come outside with her in handcuffs.  They shove her in the car, and she is visibly wasted - completely drunk.  So, then the cops divvy out the various people that need to be talked to - the people whose cars got hit and then us, the witnesses.  So, basically, we spent an hour of our night on Thursday in the back of a Police car (I took photos) giving some testimony to help lock up this lady.  So, turns out, she's got at least 2 years in jail...  She is called a 'frequent flyer.'  She's had some run ins before.  It was a crazy story!

Friday was okay, too, but wait until I tell you about Saturday!
Saturday morning we went to the library and had to make a program for a baptism that was going on.  then as soon as that was over, we went to the church and began to fill up the font.  We set up for the baptism of an 8 year old boy in the branch, who turned 8 in June but waited until now to be baptized.  I've been working with him since I got here in July, and now he finally decided to get baptized, and he asked me to do it for him!  So, the baptism was awesome, and I got to baptize him and I got to sing a song with a sister missionary - sister Kealer - for a musical number for the baptism.  But then the story gets better - the police story.  So, the Sisters left the baptism early because they had an appointment, but they came back to the church a few minutes later.  We were still there because there was a luncheon, and the Sisters were all like "So our appointment got cancelled because it turns out that our investigator was drunk on Thursday night and hit a whole bunch of cars, and now she's in jail because the testimony of two missionaries put her there!"  So, the lady we put in jail, was the sister missionaries investigator!  But we didn't feel bad, because it was our civil duty.  They weren't mad either, they just wanted to give us a hard time...  :)

But yeah, that's why our week was super exciting!  Love you all TONS!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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