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Friday, May 22, 2015

"And that's how He saved the world..."

First things first, by way of explanation of the Subject line, please refer yourselves to the photo I've attached to the email...  It's pretty funny!  Jesus talking to the Avengers.

But yeah, here are my week's highlights:

Monday night of last week was interesting because we kept on running into a whole bunch of Catholic people!  Not that that is a negative thing, but it's just that they all had the attitude of "I'm Mexican, I'm catholic, and I'm going to die that way."  it doesn't make it very easy to teach much more of the gospel if they begin being so closed-minded.  However, I had a cool experience when we went to the back of a house to knock on an apartment back there, and nobody was home...  But right as we were about to leave, a mother and her son got home and walked from their car to the door.  The son, a 19-year-old, recognized us immediately as Mormon missionaries, and when I asked him if he'd ever talked to missionaries before, he said NO, but that he was watching a video about us yesterday on YouTube.  He said that it was a video about a missionary in England and that he appreciated what we were doing.  I got to talk to him over the course of the next 5 minutes or so about various things, and about his religion (Catholic) and how he was progressing in that.  I thought that was cool, but really hope that he saw it as a sign that right after he watches a video about mormons, the mormons show up.  While being a missionary, I've lost all sense of coincidence - I don't believe in coincidence any more... :P

Church in Milwaukee
On Thursday we were able to have a bunch of awesome lessons!  First of all, we met with the Santiago family and committed them - even though they're members already - to live the Word of Wisdom.  It is so awesome because in the last week, both the father and mother, who struggle with coffee and smoking respectively, decided on their own that they were going to STOP and had gotten rid of their stuff!  And then we came over just to fortify that decision, and we didn't even know that they had been thinking about it!  :P  #revelation  #thisisthelordswork

Right as soon as we stepped outside of their house, we met a woman on the street who studied with the Mormons a couple years back, and who wanted to start the lessons again, so we got her information and are going to start teaching her, too!  :)

Cool Nativity 

And then later on in the day, we met with an 18-year-old kid named Nestor, who Elder Evans had found on exchanges.  the only reason Nestor came to the door that day was because his parents wanted him to tell us to go away, but he didn't want to.  Instead, we sat on the porch and taught him the Restoration and committed him to read more in the Book of Mormon (he had already been reading a little bit).  And the best part is that we KNOW he was reading, because he had legitimate questions for us about things that had been confusing for him!  :)  #miracles

Street in Milwaukee
BUT it gets better.  Later on in the evening, one of our lessons fell through.  So, we were going to go tracting, but happened to drive past an investigator's home - who we hadn't talked to in like 2 months - and their lights were on so we knocked on their door!  They answered and we got to know them a lot more, and we joked around, but we were also able to teach them and help them feel the Spirit.  That was a perfect close to a great day.  :)

And finally, a fun experience was on Saturday another lesson fell through and we didn't know what to do!  We were in the area of another investigator so we stopped by, and they were having a party!  They invited us in to eat something real quick, so we stopped in, and when we walked in there (the entire family is catholic) I saw a woman just gasp when we entered their back yard.  I thought she was all like "Oh my gosh, they invited the mormons.!!"  But instead, it turns out that the lady was a friend of theirs who is a MEMBER and who was SO surprised to see the missionaries show up that she was taken completely off guard!  :P  It was SO funny!!!  :D

But yeah, I had a great week everybody!  :D  I hope you did too!  

Corner in Old Milwaukee where my Grandpa Hubert was born and lived in 1930
Just in closing, I know that this work is the most important thing on the planet.  This morning I was reading in Acts 4 (I think) where Gamaliel, one of the Pharisees, is giving a word of caution to the other Chief Priests.  he said that if this work be of men, it will come to naught...  But if it is the work of God, there is NO stopping it!  And I definitely know that it is the work of the Lord because though people may attempt to stop the work, it will not halt until the Lord says it is done.  :)  

Thanks for all that you do for the missionaries!  until next week!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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