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Monday, May 11, 2015

The next big Mariachi Band - El Amor de Mexico

Hello everybody!  I hope that you all have had just an incredible week, because mine has been pretty good.  The entire week we were preparing for a Branch Activity that was spearheaded by the missionaries (mostly Elder Evans and I) so we were caught doing TONS of member work and calling TONS of people all week, not necessarily being able to focus tons on finding new people or anything like that, but our gears have now switched and that'll be our focus of the coming week.

But yeah!  Some highlights of the week include:

Monday night was awesome.  We got to have a lesson with Victor and Blanca Angeles and they are just the best!  We're really trying hard to get them married though.  Blanca is all over it - she wants to get married.  Victor is a little hesitant, but we were talking to him and gave him a whole bunch of examples of why it would be good.  One of the excuses was that "What if something happens and we have a disagreement?"  I feel like disagreements are just part of being alive - part of being human.  But I was SO glad that I was able to use the example of my parents and grandparents, each of those 3 couples have been married for a long time!  :D  And they all have several children!  AND even though they are awesome people and I love EACH of them, they're not perfect (almost though), and I'm sure that they've had their fair share of disagreements.  But the awesome thing that we pointed out is that no matter the disagreement, it can always be resolved, especially if you have the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life.  :D  So, thanks so much to my parents and grandparents.  you're the best! 

Tuesday was actually a pretty cool day too, but mostly because we got to take out the 2 new Spanish Missionaries straight from the MTC.  One of them is from California, and the other said he was from Honduras!  The kid from Honduras was speaking straight Spanish to us for like 2 hours, but it turns out it was just a joke that he was pulling on us because the AP's told him to, and he's actually from Texas but his parents are from Honduras, so of course he has perfect Spanish.  But, that story gets better...

Because on Wednesday was transfers!  And guess who one of the trainers of the new Spanish missionaries was!  My son, Elder Norris!  So, Elder Reina - the kid from Texas - is my new Grandson!!!  :D  he'll be getting trained up in Green  Bay by Elder Kyler Norris!  HOORAH!  That made me really happy.  But Wednesday was pretty strange because one of my buddies - Elder Rytting - went home to Pleasent Grove Utah.  He finished his mission!  Super strange...

The next best part of the week though was on Saturday, the 9th of May, 2015.  The reason that day was important is because it was the day that we had the first annual Milwaukee Spanish Branch Talent Show!!!  Okay, so I'm not sure it's gonna be an annual thing, but it was the first branch activity they've had in like a year!  And it was awesome!  We called a whole bunch of people and got a whole bunch of numbers, and then got more people to bring food, and it was super sweet.  :)  The best part in my opinion was when Elder Evans and I got all dressed up in the cowboy getup the Bro. Rivera gave to us - GAVE to us!  And we got on the stage with fake mustaches, and sang a mariachi song that we WROTE!  It was a HUGE hit especially because we were called "El Amor de Mexico" and we threw roses out to the crowd!  :D

And Sunday of course was a great day because we got to Skype our families - a definite highlight of my day.  :)

I love you all SO much!  Thanks for your emails and our prayers!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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