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Monday, June 8, 2015

Weird Week

Seminary appreciation gift
Yep.  Those two words define my week to the T - it was just weird!  I mean, it was still a good week, that is to say that we got to do some good stuff and visit with investigators and members and everything, but it was just weird.  Let me explain:
We had a bunch of meetings this week!  That's really the only reason.  That's not to say that meetings are bad or that I'm mad that we had them or anything, but as missionaries we want to do missionary things, including teaching and helping other people, right?  But when we're inside getting trained and learning, even if it's good material, it's just hard because we don't get the usual time that we have to help other people and to accomplish our purpose!  But yeah... 
Tuesday, we had District Meeting (from 1:00 to 2:30 - so only an hour and a half.  Not too long)
Wednesday we had Spanish Conference (which was SUPER AWESOME!  But it lasted from 10am to 5pm...  Too long...  Even though we got a whole bunch of great material!)
Friday we had MLC, from 10 to 4, just a medium sized meeting, but it just added to the lack of work...

Our friend the Raccoon
But enough of that - I'm going to tell you about the miracles that happened!  Wednesday night after Spanish Conference and everything, we got to go to talk to Blanca at her house.  Victor wasn't home, so we just talked outside about marriage and about what she thought.  She told us more about her concern and about what she was thinking, and asked us about what we thought she should do.  I mean, we could have said a list of things that she could have done to make the problem a bit better, but we didn't.  As we followed the Spirit, we felt distinctively that we simply needed to tell her to pray and ask Heavenly Father about what it is that she needed to do.  We prayed right there with her and committed her to pray that night.  The next day, on exchanges, I called her to ask her about how her prayer went.  She told me that she had prayed and felt really good about what had happened and how she felt, so she decided to go through with it!  She's going to be getting married!  :D  Hopefully it'll happen within the next 2 weeks, so I'll keep you guys posted.
Wednesday during the day was also super amazing.  All of us Spanish Missionaries - all 28 of us - all met up together in Milwaukee to be taught and trained by an area seventy named Elder Scott. He's from Chicago and he speaks Spanish and it was awesome to hear from him!  We also got trained by President Calderwood from Racine, WI, who was amazing.  We learned a lot about how to help the Spanish people and what it is that we can do to accept the culture and teach directly to their needs.  Elder Scott trained a lot on widening our vision for what can happen with the people, and Pres. Calderwood talked a lot about Celestial Marriage and helping the people realize how important those ordinances are.  It was great!
Wednesday to Thursday I had an amazing exchange with Elder Mullen in our zone.  I am so glad that he's in our zone because he's a huge example for all of us!  He has a major speech impediment, but he doesn't even let that get him down.  He didn't want to serve a service mission, so he applied to serve a full-time mission and now he's here.  I don't have a photo with him yet, so I'll get that to you when I take one.  However, we had a lot of success and were able to find 3 new investigators together and teach pretty powerfully together when we talked to English people.  :)

Elder Hubert and Elder Larsen
Saturday we were given the privilege to go and visit on of the young women in the branch who is in the hospital.  We're pretty close to the family and we went there with her parents and the 1st counselor in the branch presidency.  While there, we offered a blessing for her, and she chose me to give it to her, so that was an amazing experience.  :)  I'm so glad to be a holder of the Priesthood and to be able to bless the lives of others!  :)
And finally, a huge miracle in the zone, is that we had 2 baptisms this last week!  We haven't had a baptism in about a month, so it was good to see 2 of them happen in the same week!  :D
I know this work is true you guys, and that since it is the work of the Lord, it will continue in the midst of persecution and hardship.  It will go on until Christ himself says it's done, so for now we keep on working as hard as we can!  :D
I love you all so much!  Have a great week!
--Elder Nate Hubert

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