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Monday, June 15, 2015

Zone Training, Exchanges, Polish Fest, and saying ADIOS

So don't worry everybody, I'm not saying Adios to anybody for now.  The sad part is that Elder Evans is going to be flying home this coming Thursday - the 18th - and the entire week (basically) was dedicated to him saying goodbye.  I'm not upset about that or anything, it was just strange to be in that mentality and to be the one who had to take all of the photos and stuff, you know?  So yeah, that's what I was dealing with this week.  But hey, it was still a good week, even though it was strange.
Met a new friend!
The highlights include the following:  Monday for P-day we went to the Sprecher Root Beer (heavenly stuff) factory here in Milwaukee, took a tour, and drank some soda (I've not been very healthy)

Last Tuesday we got to have an amazing Zone Training Meeting where Elder Evans and I gave a few trainings about 1) Teaching members and gaining trust to teach their friends, 2) Using "will you" invitations to give commitments, and 3) FAITH (the difference between the faith to act and the power of faith).  They went very well in my opinion, and we had a lot of input from the zone about the various things that we did.  We even had help from Karla Garcia who recently returned from her mission in LA come and help us out and role-playwith us - that was way good! :D  I really hope that the mebers of the zone took something from that.

That night, we got to go on exchanges with the West Allis Elders and I got to go with one of the funniest missionaries ever, Elder Mason Standifird!  He's so great and I really wish that he was staying on his mission, but he's going home on Thursday as well.  :)  We had a good time though, teaching lessons and cracking jokes and we actually had a really Spiritual companionship study where we talked about a whole bunch of awesome stuff. :)  I really enjoyed it.

Polish Fest!
Summerfest in Milwaukee

Helping others find their families
A cool thing that we got to do was on Friday we were recruiited to go and help out down at the Milwaukee Polish Fest at the church's Genealogy center and we got to help people trace their roots back to wherever they came from, using the first and last names that they had and whatever other information they had. I helped a guy find out that he had an aunt that died as a baby that none of his family knew about, and also found his father's draft papers that he turned in for WWI!  Also, when a native american woman confessed to me that she didn't know her family history,I grabbed a BofM and explained it to her and she took it being super excited that she had something to read about her family!  :D  Those were only 2 of the amazing experiences that I had - hopefully I'll catch up in my journal so I can remember the rest (I might be a week behind).

We also had an amazingly Spiritual lesson with Darleen - the menos activa that lives in Cudahy, Wisconsin.  We talked to her and her kids about Joseph Smith and his experience, and especially what that means for us living here today.  It was amazing to mention Baptism and seeing the 8-year-old girls's face as she asked her mom if she could get baptized.  We haven't set a date with them, but I really hope that this family can progress in the Gospel - they are just so amazing!

Food! Glorious food!
Saturday and Sunday were dedicated in large part to saying goodbye to the various families that we visited, which was sad for sure.  I'm just glad that I'm not leaving, too, because then I would be very disappointed.

But yeah, I love you tons everybody!  ;D  I'll catch you later!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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