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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rosa got endowed

The subject line basically says it all!  It's been an amazing journey with Rosa Vasquez.  In April of 2014, she was able to be baptized by my good friend Elder Jake Schvaneveldt, and I was able to confirm her a member of the church.  Then, she continued progressing and continued struggling with her various things, as we all do of course.  I kept on getting updates on her from other missionaries and she and I would keep in touch by letter every so often.  Then in July of 2015, I got sent back to Waukesha to finish what I had begun.  August 25, 2015 we were able to enter the Chicago temple and I was able to be present as she received the blessings of the temple in her own life.  I consider myself so lucky as to have been there every step of the way, and am SO pleased with her continual progress in the gospel.  She is so converted to Jesus Christ and to His church here on the earth, and is such a great example of faith and diligence.  I am calling this experience the 'cherry on top' of my mission.  My mission really has been so sweet - just like an ice cream sundae, right?  But this was definitely the cherry on top - it completed it.  And how appropriate that it occurred right before I finish my service as a missionary, because I only have 1 1/2 weeks left.

I'm not counting it down, I promise.  It's just really easy to know how much time I have left.  :P  But before I go, there's so much to do!  The work continues!  :D  This last week, the temple trip was by far the #1 miracle that I saw in my life. However, it was not the only miracle, because we always have so many of those.  For example, Wednesday morning we had an amazing breakfast that Rosa provided for us just prior to Sister Hunter, one of the sister missionaries from the ward, departed to go home just in time for school to start today!  That was awesome!  Later on that day, we were able to meet this amazing guy named Daniel for the 2nd time, and were able to set a baptismal date with him for October 24th!  We're really excited for Daniel because he has been through quite a bit in his life, but now is really wanting to turn his life around because he has kids and really wants to be a good example for them and wants the best for them in their lives.  

That night, we got to teach the Watson-Mitchell family about member missionary work and were able to promise them that if they listened to the holy ghost as we watched a particular video, that they would feel the Spirit testifying to them of names of people that they could reach out to in their lives and help receive more of the Gospel.  :)  Hopefully they will do that!

Thursday we got to meet with Kathy, a recent convert here in the ward, and were able to talk to her about some experiences that she's been having as her friends have been objecting to her recent decision to get baptized a member of the church.  We were able to strengthen her and share scriptures with her that gave her motivation to add to her 'arsinal,' so that when people 'attack' her, she can defend herself.  :)

We were also able to reach out to Sister Yopps' boyfriend this week and teach him - Mike - about the gospel and the importance of following Christ in all of our actions, not just with our speech.  It is a way of life, not just a split-second decision!  So hopefully as we go on with him, he's going to be able to be strengthened in his understanding and comprehension of what these things actually mean!  :)

Saturday morning we helped with a move in the ward, and I always love seeing how the ward just unites and comes together to help somebody in need.  Then that night we were able to spend time with some members, playing Ultimate Frisbee with them.

Another huge miracle for me was on Sunday when we were able to find a less active woman named Maria who used to live in Utah and moved out here after a divorce and hasn't been to church in 6 years, but she welcomed us into her house and really wants to come back to church and to have contact with the missionaries.  It was awesome to be able to see the light of the gospel just fill her eyes as she spoke to us about her conversion and he love for the church and the book of Mormon.  I'm so excited for her and to help her come back to church!  :D

Anyways - that's our week.  Stay tuned for next week because it'll be the final mission update you get!  :D  Love you all!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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