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Monday, May 12, 2014

Hailstorm, Mother's Day, a great week!

This week has been really great!  I have zero complaints about how things are going right now.  This is a 100% improvement than how things were when I first got out into the field.  Now, instead of letting the stresses and rejections get me down and affect me, I'm able to work hard despite what happens, which is awesome!  :D
On Monday, I got to have P-day!  It was also the Cinco de Mayo, so for lunch, the Blacks took us and the Sisters out to this Mexican place called El Palmar, which is super authentic and super awesome.  And for dinner, Bro. Seneli from the ward (a dominican man) made us Dominican Tacos!  :)  It was great!
On Tuesday, we had a really great District Meeting where we learned about Family History.  We got to go into the Family History Library and have the ladies there help us and learn how to do it.  One person in our district, Elder Kimzey, has a line that goes through Judah, then Jacob, then Issac, then Abraham, and onward...  No big deal or anything...  Also, I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it was pretty cool!!!  :)  Directly following that, we had a lesson with Jose at the Black's house, where we invited him to a party that Bro. Tateoka was hosting on Friday.  Later, we had a 10-minute lesson with Angel and Eric, which was awesome because their mom sat in too, and she is not a member.  And then after that, we contacted a potential named Victor and had a lesson with him, and even set a new appointment with him, so we're going to be teaching him now!

With Sisters Weavers and Silcox
Wednesday was a SUPER weird day, because it was a year ago TODAY that I got my mission call to go to the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission...  Crazy, huh??  :P  That totally changed my life forever.  :)  We also got to do service at the Food Pantry, and then went over to the Black's house and actually taught Jose a brief lesson instead of just inviting him to the party.  He took it well.  He knows the Book of Mormon is of God, but his dad doesn't want him to be baptized Mormon.  Pray that his heart will be softened!  After that, we took a bus to Pewaukee and then walked over to our dinner appointment 3 miles away.  The perks of not having a car, huh?  We get fed!!!  :D  But don't worry, we got a ride home.  ;)

What the HAIL?

Thursday, we started it out by going to the Hope Center to give service...  Directly after that, though, we got to meet up with Rosa.  She had a pretty bad experience with her family in Michigan over the weekend, and she wasn't ready to talk about it yet, but she was supposed to be out of townuntil Sunday but came home early on Tuesday because something had happened.  I hope that it was nothing too big!  After the lesson, we did some additional studies on the computers before heading back home to go through pages and pages of potential investigators, and organizing them into an order that we can actually contact them in!  Then we joined the rest of the district at a little restaurant to try what they called Ponzas - they are basically a heart attack with a crust, but it tasted good!  Then we had team ups with Brother Fletcher, and got to contact 2 less actives and teach another lesson too!
Friday, we got a text in the middle of our studies to go and help Brother Tateoka find and purchase the food he needed for the party tonight, so in order to provide that service, we got picked up by him and helped him out for about an hour.  Then, we took all of our weekly planning stuff across the street next to the river and weekly planned in nature!  It was great!  We made some amazing goals that can really pick up the area, so let's hope that everything goes as well as we are planning on!  :D  Then at night, we had our Barbecue, which was an enormous success!  Jose, Angel, and Eric weren't able to make it, but tons of less actives and other investigators were there, and we were occupied the entire time!!!  :D 
Saturday we had exchanges, where we scoped out the Farmer's Market to use as a finding method - and it works!  Then, we borrowed some bikes that the Sisters had in their garage and biked around, contacting referrals and potentials, but then my pedal fell off!  So we called the Sisters who had us go to a less-actives house to fix it, and by the time we left, her boyfriend was a new investigator!

Exchange with Elder Larsen

And then on Sunday, I got to call home.  :D  I took some sweet photos, too, so hopefully they will end up on the blog for this week!

I really love you all SO much!  Have a great week!


Elder Nathan Hubert

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