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Thursday, May 22, 2014

New investigators

This week has been a really quick one, which was pretty surprising... I honestly cannot believe that it is P-day already!  :)  I hope that you have all had really great weeks too!!!  :D

Just a quick review of the week:
On Tuesday we tried to do Team-ups with Brother Durst, so we got picked up and helped him pick up stuff for his son's upcoming Eagle Project, and then we tried to pick up a less-active member named Bro. Howard, but he was not home!  We were going to take him to lunch and have a brief message to share with him, but because he wasn't home, we just went to lunch by ourselves.  After that, we got dropped off at District Meeting, which was pretty good.  We talked about the things that we should focus on as a missionary.  :)  For the rest of the day though we tried contacting people that we knew lived in a certain area, but none of them actually came to their doors, which can be pretty frustrating.  

On Wednesday, we had service at the Food Pantry, and on the way up there as we were walking, we went through a cemetary, and found Les Paul's grave!  He is a pretty famous guitarist that is from Waukesha, and is the reason that Waukesha Wisconsin is called "Guitartown USA."  (random fact of the day)  We did not take photos though because it was too rainy and wet and we were rushed...  However, after service, we went over to the Black's house to teach Jose, and met 2 new people too, who became our investigators!  Elthia and Maddi were very into the lesson, which was awesome.  Then, we went to the library to meet with Rosa, and after that we had dinner with the Schuenkes.  Directly after that, we went to visit a Less Active named Bro. Campos, who has been less active for 30+ years.  Lots of people were really skeptical about him, but our lesson with him was really good!  I just really hope he re-kindles the desire to go to church and everything.  :)  We talked mostly about the plan of salvation with him.  Turns out, he's a member of the church that knows nothing about the church!  So we're trying to help him with that.

Thursday, we went on team-ups with Bro. Durst again, and this time it worked!  He picked us up, then we went and picked up Dakota, Joey, Tyler, Shannan, and Shannan's little brother, and went to a fast-food place called Culver's.  We were there for a little over an hour, and Elder Wise and I were able to share a pretty powerful scripture with them, which was 2 Nephi 2:21, which says:  "Arise from the dust, my sons, and BE MEN."  It really hit them, that they need to watch out for each other and such, and it was a great lesson!  One of the best things to do is to be bold and loving!  Later, we got dropped off to go to a meal with George Campos, but instead helped him fix a lady's brakes in his building's parking lot.  After we did all of that, and after we had eaten dinner, we were going to go a lesson with Alicia and Devon, but then last-minute,she cancelled on us because Devon had a school thing.  But, I hope we can get with them soon!

Friday morning, we started out with Correlation meeting, where we spent an hour discussion missionary work, and while Bro. Tateoka had to leave to go help his wife with something, we 4 elders removed 4 stumps from his flower beds at his request.  It was a great service opportunity, especially because he has a really bad back, so we helped him there.  After that, we went to a member's house and picked up our bicycles that we had left with him to fix, and we rode them around, contacting less-actives and referrals.  But on the way there, we figured out that one of the pedals on the bike is stripped so we just ended up walking the bikes eventually.  We met this one less-active man who told us that "he is trying to distance himself from the church," which I thought was very sad, because this church is something that can bless everyone!  And he has seen the blessings, but does not want any more of it...  :(  That night,we had dinner with the Blacks, and Maddi was there with them!  After dinner and the lesson we shared, she committed to coming to church, which was sweet!  

Saturday morning, we went to a Farmer's Market to contact people and got 3 lessons using some surveys that we found in our area book.  After that, we went to go and paint a fence for an eagle project just down the road, and that was pretty successful!  It only took us 2 hours and there were about 30 people there, so it went pretty well.  After that, we started to weekly plan and then got picked up to go to a wedding reception for a lady in the ward, who had invited us to go there for our lunch hour for the food, so we did!  After that, we got invited by a member to go to a business thing in Milwaukee for a dinner, and after getting it approved by the Zone Leader's, we went to the Cheesecake Factory with the Bishops and the English Elders, which was good.  :)

Then, on Sunday, we had church!  And, amazingly, Maddi had come to church!  But the best part of that is that she told us that she wants to be baptized, which we are stoked about!  :D  So, we're going to be working with her to do that...  ;)  After church, we had a dinner with the Hansen's, which was great!  Then after that, we had scheduled a lesson with Dakota, Deanna, Shiyah, and Caleeah, which was great.  In waiting for all of them, we were able to shoot some hoops with those that were there, which is great and helped us build that relationship with them.  Then, we had a lesson about Charity, which went pretty well.  

It really was such a great week!  And for the week, we were able to meet and surpass a lot of our goals that we had set, which was amazing to do!  :D  I love being a missionary!  :)

--Elder Nate Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

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