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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


So, like the Subject Line says in Spanish, Miracles my friends!  Every day we see Miracles!  And that is so true.  :)  Not only in the life of a missionary, but every single day in each of our lives, we are the witnesses of the miracles the Lord does among the children of men.  He does not walk among us now, He is not healing the sick, raising the dead, causing the lame to walk, the blind to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear.  BUT miracles still happen, and though they might not be as obvious as what He did when He did walk on the Earth, they still occur!  It is our test to look for them, find them, and as President Uchtdorf told us in the last conference, to be gracious for everything.
On Monday, it was P-day, which is amazing every time!  :)  But one thing that I especially loved about Monday was in the evening when we had dinner with the Sefcik family - the Bishop of the Waukesha ward.  He was not there because of business, but I was able to talk to his son Parker who is preparing to go on his mission.  He is going to be reporting the the Mexico City CCM in August, so I was able to tell him all about it, show him photos, and kind of prepare him for that.  I was appreciative for the opportunity, so I hope that something that I said to him is going to help him in the future!
Tuesday was amazing, and we got to start it all out with a fantastic District Meeting!  I really loved it.  Each of us in the district got to do a little training on parts of the Plan/Study/Teach cycle, and mine was about the importance of the Holy Ghost in our Companionship Study.  But another hidden blessing was when I got to play the piano for District Meeting.  Now that Sister Anderson has left the district, I am the only one left in the area who knows how to play piano, so here I go!  Playing piano for at least the next 6 weeks!  :P
After DTM, Elder Wise and I had a lesson with Rosa at the library where we got to talk a lot about temples and excite her about that, which was awesome to see.  Then that evening, we got to help out a member, Frankie Perez, move a swingset into his backyard.  But while we were doing that, it started raining so all of us got pretty dirty, and then I got some cuts on my hands, which definitely was not the highlight of my day, but I'm fine, don't worry.  :)

Amazing Sub!

Wednesday we were able to do service at the Food Pantry and then after that, go to the Black's home to try and catch Jose there, but he was not there!  But in an attempt at being persistent, we had the kids walk us over to Jose's house, where we were able to catch up with him out front and also got to talk to him about the Book of Mormon and place the Illustrated Book of Mormon that we had for him, which he was SUPER excited about because he really loves comic books and graphic novels, so I think it really connected with him!  :)  
Then, after that, we walked back home and changed into some soccer clothes because for team-ups tonight, we helped Bro. Foster (a less-active) coach his soccer team!  They were just 10-year-old boys, but it was still super awesome!  It reminded me of when I coached Emily's soccer team, so I thought that was a personal miracle.  ;)
Thursday we did some service at the Hope Center, where we met a man, Rafael, who showed some interest in the Book of Mormon!  It was pretty funny because that morning, we had to text President Cutler and ask him a question about Rosa, and after he gave us an answer, we asked him if there was anything that we could do for him, and he said "Yes, Elders I want you to find someone new today who will fall in love with the Book of Mormon."  So, we did!  :D  Rafael gave us his number and took our book, and promised us that he would read it!  :)  So, we're hoping that we can reconnect with him and begin to teach him!
Weekly Planning took up the rest of our day, mostly, and then we had dinner and then another lesson with Rosa!  What we did was go to the library and watch a movie about the Temple with her, and we did it today because she is going out of town all of this next week.  But she loved the video, and she even started crying because she thought it was so beautiful.
Friday, we first went out to try and contact some potentials and a referral, but none of them were home.  But right as we were getting ready to get on a bus, what should pull up to the Wal Mart right next to us, then the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!  We had time to snag a few photos, and then get on the bus to go up to Pewaukee, where our lesson was not home...  :(  But we contacted lots of potentials for the rest of the day!

The WeinerMobile

Saturday, we began by going to Correlation and then providing a less-active with some service as a District, and then we got a ride from Efrain Perez to go down to Milwaukee (don't worry, it was approved) to go to a birthday party for a Spanish member.  We used that as a finding method, and were able to come into contact with 2 new people, and contact a whole bunch of less-actives that are all part of the Perez family, so it was a huge miracle for us!  :)  We got to play soccer with Angel and Eric and got to do tons of stuff!  And then after that, we had dinner with the Tovias family!
Sunday, we had a lesson with Blanca before church, where we talked about how she's been and also about the other times that we'd be able to meet, and then we got a ride to church.  Church was good, but unfortunately we did not have any investigators there...  :(  However, after dinner we had dinner with the Gardener family, and after that we had a lesson with Less Active Dakota and his aunt/cousins, which was fun.  I'm not sure what happened during it, but in the words of Elder Wise, I "Threw down in the most bold, loving way that he's ever seen..."  It was pretty cool I guess.  :)  I can tell you more on Sunday about it  :)
And now I'm here!  I can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day!!
Love you!

--Elder Nate Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

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