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Monday, June 23, 2014

Another amazing week has passed! Wisconsin is great!

Hello everybody!  :D  How are you all doing?  Things out here are going really well.  There has been some progressions made this week and details learned this week that were very mandatory in knowing, which only makes room for more progression to be made, so that's super good!  Just a quick run-down of the week:

On Monday was just a normal P-day, but a good part of the day where we were able to do some missionary work was when we went up to the FHE Activity of the YSA Ward in this area.  We didn't just go up there for ourselves though - we went up and spent time with our investigator Lavon.  We did our best to introduce him to the various people up there, but he seemed very uninterested by them.  He is a pretty quiet guy, and he told me that he doesn't like people.  So when I asked him why he doesn't like people, he told me that it's because "people are weird."  But we got to play Beach Volleyball and have a powerful lesson on the power of testimony from the YSA Sisters.  It was really good!

On Tuesday I learned a good lesson on patience.  :)  The only reason I say that is because we had several plans to contact lots of other people, but unfortunately we were not able to contact any of them because none of them ended up being home when they told us they would be!  Even our dinner appointment cancelled on us!!  But that's okay, because Elder Kimzey ended up cooking for us anyway...  We did get to teach 1 lesson and get a referral, but that was just about it.  Patience is a virtue though, so I have no complaints.  The more Christlike I can get the better, right?  :)

On Wednesday we had to go to the Wales church building at 9:00 am because we had the great opportunity to have interviews with President Cutler!!!  It was awesome!  My interview was like 40-minutes long, but it felt like 10 minutes.  We discussed the doctrines of the Atonement and the progression of the work in the area.  It was very pleasant so I was happy about it!  However during the rest of the day, we had to make the difficult decision to drop our investigator Maddi because she is living in a different city for a few months, so we can't do anything about it.  Then later in the evening, we went down to the Fox River at the park across the street from our apt. to watch a Water Skiing performance that was down there, and while we were there we got to teach 2 lessons and get a new potential investigator!  It was awesome to be able to do that, and all because we were told by President to start incorporating Park Contacting.  He's such an inspired man!

Thursday, we went to go and have a lesson with a man named Rafael across town at 10:30, but the address he gave us is the only house on the street that isn't actually there..  Sneaky...  That is actually the first time that had happened to me on my mission...  :P  Then we had the Hope Center service for 2 hours, which was fun because we got to talk to some of the other volunteers and that was fun.  Then we went tracting and actually got to teach 5 lessons with people, and get 1 new investigator!  I also got the door response: "I'm Jewish and I'm not going to change."  Never heard that one before!  Later, we had team-ups with Frankie where we went to go and contact some Less-actives and some people on our list, but were unable to find any of them home.  However, we did get to go and help a family in the ward move some heavy furniture right before we headed out to go have our Correlation meeting which went well, and then we began our exchange!
I got to spend time with Elder Larsen in the English Elders' area, which was really fun!  We spent an hour tracting, and once again got to teach a bunch of lessons.  It was fun and we actually got to use the Family History finding method that they've been trying to incorporate and it was great!  Later, we got to teach Shannon about the power of prayer and we tried to set a baptismal date with him, but he didn't want to yet.  Then, after we had offered service and tried to visit others, we went and had a dinner appointment with the Seneli family, which was great!  We then went to downtown Waukesha and contacted at this Friday night activity thing before we headed back to re-exchange.
Saturday we began the day with Frisbee contacting with members and non-members, and actually got to talk about the gospel and about missionaries with the people that showed up to play!  Then we headed out to go to the YM Fundraiser of barbecuing food outside of a store, and we went and supported them in that.  Then, we went and contacted Jesus and helped him burn a bunch of vegetation and fix up his back yard, which was a great opportunity to help him out with.  Then we had dinner with hermana Morales which was sweet, and we were able to teach her non-member son a lesson as well, after which we Weekly Planned at the apartment.
Sunday, Jesus was unable to come to church, but Lavon came to the YSA ward according to the AP's who called us later!  We also had a great dinner with the Lovelace's and we got to go to a goodbye party for someone in the ward who is moving...  But that is the week!

There are so many blessings that each of us receive every single week, and even though sometimes (usually) they are not as evident as we would hope them to be, they are still there!  And even though this last week it was harder for me to notice those things, they were still very evident because I was looking for them.  Those are the kinds of things that we should hold on to constantly - to know that the Lord is very mindful of us and will always bless us, so long as we do the things that He has asked of us.  He loves us so much, all we have to do is love Him too!  :D  And I love you all so much too!
Have a great week!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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