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Sunday, June 22, 2014

I never know how to title these....

Hey everybody!  Well, another amazing week has passed from lovely Waukesha Wisconsin!  And the crazy thing is that I'm halfway done with my 4th transfer in this city!  The odds are that I'm going to be transferred because I've already been here for 6 months almost, but it is not unheard of for missionaries to stay somewhere for 5 transfers, and I have the strangest feeling like I'm going to stay here for one more...  But that might just be wishful thinking because I love it here.  The people here keep things fun because they are all crazy...  :P  Here's a quote from a member of the ward (convert of 3 years):  "99.99% of Waukesha residents are off their rockers.  I know because I'm one of them!!!"
There were never truer words than those...  :)
But yeah, I definitely had a good week!  On Monday, we decided to mix up P-day a little bit.  We had done the same old thing every single P-day since I got to the area, so what we ended up doing was this: right after we went shopping, we ran over to Goodwill, which is a thrift-store, and us 4 Elders spent like $5.00 each and got some shorts/polo t-shirt, and we got all spiffed up to go mini-golfing!  :D  There should be some photos on Dropbox for this one.  :)  If you'll look, the shorts that I'm wearing are super huge, and that's because they're a size 36, but I only wear a size 30-32, so they are super poofy, but they are fun!  It was such a fun day!  We did that as a district for a while, and then at around 3:30 we went and played an hour of soccer with the rest of the people that usually go to sports, and that was pretty fun, too!  :)

On Tuesday, we had Zone Training Meeting, where we had a really good training by the Zone Leaders on using the Book of Mormon and having powerful invitations to act.  I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.  I would definitely tell you more about it, but I forgot my study/meeting journal so I forgot the things that I wrote down...  :P  But later, we had lunch at Jizzle's - this hole-in-the-wall place in Milwaukee, where I had a scary experience because my companion left me and I thought he had gotten kidnapped or something...  :P  Later we had a lesson with Jesus, which went great.  We talked about his concerns and questions, and encouraged him to keep on praying.  Then, we went and tracted out an area, where we met a crazy Puerto Rican lady who went all Pentacostal on us - it was pretty funny.  But I decided that I have tons of respect for the missionaries in Puerto Rico, because the way they speak Spanish is super fast!

Sisters Hansen and Silcox
Wednesday we got stood up for 2 lessons in the morning, but that was okay because we actually got to teach Maddi at the Black's house about following the prophets!  And then we met Omar and Jeni, and taught a pretty powerful lesson on the Restoration.  Then that night, we had team-ups with Bro. Baer and got to visit some less-actives from the ward, which was awesome.
Thursday we had a lesson with Lavon after we went searching for him!  He wasn't home, but we found him at Carrol University in the Art Center, and he wanted to have a lesson there which we were cool with.  :)  Then, we went to home teach Antonia with Bro. Hansen, which was good, and then had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Joe, where we were able to challenge him to act and live the things that we had talked about, including baptism, and he told us that he would think about it!  :)  Then we had a dinner appointment/lesson with Jesus at the Loutensock's home, which was great!  After that we went to Spring's and Deanna's with Bro. Tateoka, and that was awesome too!

Around Waukesha

Around Waukesha
On Friday, we had a lesson with the De Los Santos family, but it turns out they are moving.  Then, we went and helped Latoya move her couches, and had weekly planning the rest of the day!
On Saturday, we got stood up by George Campos for a service project, so instead we went to play Frisbee with the Elder's Quorum and their friends, which was amazingly fun!  Then we went out with Bro. Cuzner and taught a lady named Charlene, who invited us to come back.  We also visited some other people with him, and then after dinner, we went out with Bro. Seneli to visit his hometeaching families. 

And on Sunday, we got to go to the YSA ward with Lavon!  All in all, a great week!  Sorry if it was rushed, because it was...  :P

Love you all though!
--Elder Nate Hubert


Elder Nathan Hubert

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