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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The end of the Marvelous Month of May as a Missionary in Milwaukee

Well, this was a really great week and I really can't believe that it's P-day again!  This transfer has flown by SO much, and it is really hard to believe that I have been on a mission for 8 months, and in Waukesha for over half of those months!  :P  But honestly, every single day is such a blessing and I love being a missionary more than anything else in the world, so I gotta cherish this time while I have it!  :)

--by the way, I put photos on Dropbox, and there are videos for you to watch--
But just a quick review of my week:

Wednesday (the day after P-day last week) was......... drumroll please.....
Sick day!!!  I was sick all day, wahoo!!!  Apparently there was this stomach bug thing going around and I got it, so that was not fun at all...  But we were still able to do missionary work and be productive, meaning that Wednesday was also our last District Meeting so we got to feel the Spirit a lot and got to take some photos.  The awesome part was that Brother Wheeler came (the institute director of Milwaukee) and taught us about receiving revelation.  It was super powerful.  And then right after that, we went and taught a lesson to Jose at his house, but we cut that short because I was about ready to pass out from lack of energy and everything...  So when we got home, I just fell asleep until around 7, when we got picked up by Bro. Davies to go and contact Bro. Campos, the less active man, and had another pretty good lesson with him.  The only problem is that he is pretty stressed out and everything, but I really hope that feeling the Spirit was able to help him.

On Thursday, we went and contacted Lavar, a referral from the English Elders.  We found him at home, luckily, and got to teach him a lesson and schedule a return appointment!  And, based on our encounter with him, he shows tons of promise!  I'm really excited to see where the Gospel takes him.  After that, we contacted some potentials down the road, but nobody answered to us...  So, instead, we went and talked to Eric and Angel and then went to the library to have a lesson with Rosa.  She is still doing great, but has been undergoing some persecutions since she joined the church.  We just tried to uplift her, and she is doing well again.  Then after that, we took a bus up to the Whipple's house, where we had dinner and I got to choose and practice a song to sing in church (next week!!!)
Friday started with Correlation, which was interesting because the English Elders couldn't be there, but we still got to talk about all of the things that the ward needs to know about and attempt to make progress with the help of our Ward Mission Leader.  Later, we got to make up our studies that we missed from the morning, and then got to weekly plan!  It was interesting weekly planning because this next week is Transfer Week so we didn't know at that time if one of us was going to be leaving, so we planned a little differently, but it was still effective and this week is gonna be great!  Then we had dinner with Zach and Latoya - it was awesome (as usual).
Saturday morning, starting at 7am, we went over to the Hebron House (just this boarding place in Waukesha) and helped finish Mason Durst's Eagle Project, which included paving a path with some big bricks.  I ended up getting scratched up a bit, but it's alright.  After that, we went and attempted a contact at Maria Young, who was not home, and then caught another bus to contact some out-of-the-way people, and even though none of them were home we were still able to find out where they lived, which was awesome of course!  We also visited with Jerry Hempstead, who has a hard time coming to church, and had a great lesson with a lady on the bus.  And to top the whole day off, we had dinner with the Bishop's, which is always such an awesome time!
Sunday was a good end to the week, with Fast and Testimony Meeting.  We did, however, get stood up for our lesson that morning...  That was kind of frustrating, especially because I called and confirmed with him!  But we had dinner with the Gardner's and a lesson with the Woods after that, so it was good.

Beautiful Waukesha Sky

Anyways, I love you all TONS!  And just wanted to share one thing.  This last week, I found a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that I really love.  It is Section 6 verses 33-37.  I encourage you all to read it - I loved it!  Have a great week, all of you!  :)
--Elder Nate Hubert

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