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Monday, February 9, 2015

Transfer Week - going to Milwaukee

Hey guys!  Another week has gone by, so it's time to email again.  I'm sorry if this is awful - I know I'm bad at this.  :P

But yeah.  This last week was actually kinda difficult!  But as I thought about it, I realized that it was the 'trial of my faith' week, and that I need not get down about it.  I mean, sure we can wish that some things hadn't happened, or hope for a better outcome, but not to the point that we get discouraged over it.  So, I'm not discouraged at all!  I just wish that this last week had been a little nicer to us...  ;)  It was cold, it was windy, and NOBODY opened their door...  :P  #thestruggleisreal
And for whatever reason, all of our appointments decided to fall through!  Well...  most of them at least...  :P  But I'm glad that my biggest worry in life is that!  It could be much worse.  I just count my blessings!

But yeah, on Monday night last week, Juan didn't answer is door, and Liliana didn't answer her door, but a miracle still happened!  We were contacting some former investigators in the area and we found Miguel and Antonio Jimenez - 2 brothers.  After a restoration lesson with them, we extended a baptismal invite for a day in April, and they both accepted!  Baptismal dates!  Hoorah!
Green Bay Spanish district

Tuesday we had the last District Meeting of the transfer, so that was fun.  I got to give a training on how to find the most effective people, not necessarily the most amount of people.  We're looking for Kingdom Builders, and we talked about how to find them.  We also talked about using members to set goals in the areas we serve, and to help them find their own friends who are ready.  The best part was that we committed Elder Landaverry to go and teach his family next week, beacuse he goes home on Thursday.  :P  For the rest of that day, we had exchanges!  Elder Landaverry and I got to teach the Grijalva family, the Carlos family, the Ramirez family, and the Solorio family, having great lessons at each of them!
with the Solorio family
Wednesday we tried some people in the afternoon, but had to re-exchange after having only taught 1 lesson together that day.  Right after we re-exchagned we went and taught the Nieves family and alter went to go and teach a new family we found, the Paez family!  Then, we went and had dinner with a family from a different ward that wanted to say goodbye to me, and then we came home.
with the Nieves family
Thursday we had Weekly Planning, so graciously led by Elder Norris because I am getting transferred, and then we found a new lady named Franchesca who is a mexican woman from Texas.  Later, we tried to teach some people but our lessons fell through!  We did, however, have the chance to talk to Yaritza.

B-ball with Christian and Brandon
With the Robertsons
Friday we did service at St. Vinny's and then we went and taught Audencio Dominguez, committing him to a baptismal date in April.  Miracles!  Then, we got to go and say goodbye to Alexis Morales, and then went to the church for a goodbye party they threw for us and for a member of the branch who is moving to Utah.  :D
Luis and family
Saturday morning we got the transfer text with my name on it, ensuring that I was going to be leaving Green Bay.  So, throughout the day, we taught Elizabeth Perez first, then went to a lunch with the Nieves family where we got a photo, and then went to a Hmong lunch, and then went to check on the Solorios but they weren't home, so we were pretty upset because they were supposed to come to Stake Conference!  But then we went to Stake Conference...  :P  After that, we went to the Munoz's place and talked to Luis and said goodbye to him and his family, which was hard!  I even started crying!!  :(
Farewell cake!
Sunday for Stake Conference we had 3 investigators show up!  Lisa and Orelia and Aranza (luis's little sister).  It was great!  The talks were great too!  After that, we had dinner with the Robertsons where I found out that Brother Robertson served his mission in Chile and was companions with my dad's cousin!  Crazy!  Then, we had a dinner with the Reyes family which was crazy hard to say goodbye to them - we were all crying...  :(  Then I got photos with Angelina and had calls with the ZL's to close off the night.

Sorry if I totally skipped details..  We can talk about them later...  :P  Adios!  Love you TONS!

--Elder Nate Hubert

P.S. (from Elder Hubert's Dad)  Elder Hubert was asked to be Zone Leader in Milwaukee.  He is nervous but excited.

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