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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Transfers, Valentine's Day, ...exhausted... :P

Well...  HELLO EVERYBODY!  Greetings from the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  I'm so glad that I'm finally serving in the city that my mission is named after!  It is, after all, the Wisconsin, Milwaukee mission...  So here I am, in Milwaukee.  This city is actually pretty ghetto.  But that's not a bad thing.  It's just a description.  But I'm gonna cut to the quick.  First of all, I really hope that while I'm here I'm going to be able to respond to all of your emails, because well, I don't have as much time here as I did in Green Bay!  So, if I don't respond to a personal email, I'm sorry.  It's not that I don't love you, it's that my time is limited...  :P  So, I apologize.  Just wanted to clear that up.

Monday though, was P-day.  We emailed.  And emailed.  And emailed.  I could have emailed for days in Green Bay, but we didn't.  While we were emailing, we got to see the Transfer Board and find out where everybody was going, which is always super exciting.  Then, we went to eat.  And then we went and played sports, which was awesome because we had a bunch of people come!  :)  To close off the night though, we had a dinner appointment at the Rios home, followed by a lesson with Yaritza and her family.  I got some photos with all of them, so those should be coming in.  :)  We also taught a brief lesson to Luis Jimenez, so I'm hoping that soon he's going to decide to change his life.  :D

Tuesday was a super great day considering that I was going to be leaving the next day!  I got packed pretty early in the day so that we could go out and visit people to say goodbye before I peaced out.  Throughout the day, we got to visit Franchesca, a lady we met last week.  We didn't get to have a sit-down lesson with her, but that's okay.  I got to say goodbye to Juan, which was good, and then later to the family from India, the Rosario family.  Then, I said to some other families before heading to the apartment.  It was sad on Tuesday night, knowing that it was my last night in Green Bay, but I was excited for the challenge ahead of me.

But Wednesday was the crazy day.  We got picked up by the Zone Leaders at 9 am to take us to the church, and between 9 and 10 there was weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth, and several sister missionaries that weren't accepting the fact that they were going home the next day, and lots of photo taking, and lots of hugs, and finally, we got in a van and drove away...  We then got to the Mission Transfer Point in Oshkosh and stayed there for like an hour, loading our stuff into different trailers headed to different places, and when it came time for us to go down to Milwaukee, they tried to shove like 24 of us into a 15 passenger van...  It didn't work, so a bunch of us had to wait up in Oshkosh for like 2 hours for another couple of cars to come pick us up.  Turns out the AP's forgot about us...  :P  Oh well, it was fun.  We ate food and played basketball in the meantime.  Finally, at like 5:30 instead of 2:30 we got to Milwaukee, and from that point onward it was GO GO GO for the rest of the night.  It is all a blur.  From what I remember, my companion came out and we got in the car and took one missionary to his apartment, and then to his companion, and then we picked up another missionary and took him to his companion, and then we picked up two other missionaries and took them to eat, and then we took them to correlation meeting, and then we had to go and get a bus pass and then we talked to the AP's for a bit and then we stopped by another companionship's apartment to drop something off and then FINALLY at like 9:30 we got to our apartment and got to unload everything...  So basically this whole Zone Leader thing is going to be like me trying to catch up to Elder Evans for 6 weeks...  It's like putting a fire hose in my mouth and having me try to drink all of the water...  :P  But it's gonna be fine. But this is the reason that the word 'exhausted' is in the title line.

Thursday was pretty good too!  We got to go and visit a recent convert named Justin and then did Weekly Planning where we had to take care of some zone business before even starting to talk about our investigators, so that was kinda different.  After that, we went and ate, and then we went and had lessons with the Perez family, and then the Palacios family too.

Friday we actually got out and got to teach!  :D  THat was awesome!  We taught Pablo, Humberto, Marina, Cindy, and Oscar.  We found an entire new family so I'm stoked for that!  And for tracting for just a little bit, we got 6 new investigators and taught a whole ubnch.  Basically, Milwaukee is the land of milk and honey for SPanish work.  TONS of hispanics.  Hoorah!  We also set a baptismal date that night with a part member lady - so excited!

Saturday we got to have a lunch appointment at noon, after which we drove around (yes, we have a car) and visited some members, and then got to teach a couple of lessons while tracting on a different street!  We met this crazy drunk guy who asked us if we were ready to die...  We thought he was going to kill us...  :P  Then during a lesson with another part member family, we set another baptismal date!  Hoorah for miracles!

Sunday was interesting.  We'll just say that the branch is going to need some help...  They have several things on their own that they need to work out.  But hey, church was still good!  They made me play piano for Sacrament Meeting.. Hahaha funny joke!  But really though...  
the rest of the day consisted of having dinner and then doing zone leader sunday night calls and calculating different numbers for the mission and stuff like that.  Hopefully our zone will start doing better than they are right now though!  :)

But hey! Sorry my emal is short.  I already told you why.  :)  Love you so much though!

Have a great week!

--Elder Nate Hubert 

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