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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heat Waves and Tornado Warnings

We had an incredible week this week everybody - Wisconsin is just the place to be right now!  :D

It all started with Monday, because Monday is the first day of the week for a missionary.  But yeah, Monday night we had an FHE-type-thing set up with us, the West Allis Sister Missionaries, and the Munoz family.  We got there at 8ish and got everybody sitting down in the living room, prepared to talk about some stuff.  We first had everybody tell us their name, where they were born, and an embarrassing moment (let's just say that they have their fair share of embarrassing moments...)  :P but then, we started with a prayer and a hymn!  After the song, Elder Lee and I took it upon ourselves to share the Spiritual thought, which we had planned was going to be a lesson on Covenants.  We got talking about Baptism, sharing things from 3 Nefi 11 where Christ comes down, and how the first thing that he does is he commissions Nephi to go and baptize the people and Christ gives him power to do so.  So, baptism is important!  We got talking about that, and then we invited them to be baptized (all of the people who hadn't been baptized yet), and they said that they'd think about it - but that's great because that wasn't a no!  But then we briefly touched up on the Sacrament and the Temple because we were running out of time, but then Orlando Munoz - the father of the family - just opened up his heart and bore the most beautiful testimony that I didn't know he even had.  It was amazing to see this man testify to his family of the beautiful message of the Church and how he wanted an eternal family.  The Spirit was SO strong - I know that everybody in that room felt it.  What an incredible way for us to get the Sisters to start teaching the family (because he's a Colombian who married a white lady, so the rest of the family doesn't speak Spanish).  It was amazing! I'm so thankful for the Spirit.

Tuesday we had exchanges with the Kenosha English Elders so we got to take an hour drive down to Kenosha and went to their District Meeting and then we got to exchange.  I went with Elder Palacios who just barely came out on his mission.  He's a good kid even though he's still learning about how to be a missionary, how to talk to people, how to teach, etc...  But one miracle that we had during the exchange is that we got to teach Alice (a 75-year-old African American woman) and Willie (an 83-year-old friend of Alice), and got to set baptismal dates with them!  They are actually very interested in the message that we have to share with them, so that is incredible!

Elder Hubert and Melissa Bledsoe from OHS!
Another crazy miracle of the day is that we got to go over to the Calderwood's home - the Branch President in Kenosha Spanish Branch - and while we were there, I found out that his daughter had some of her ex-mission companions over at the house for the weekend, and that one of them had graduated from Orem High School in 2012!  So, I went in and saw a girl that I knew - Melissa Bledsoe!  It was crazy to see my two worlds collide in that home in Kenosha, Wisconsin of all places.  It's especially crazy because that was the only day that I was going to be in Kenosha, so what are the odds of that happening..?  Almost 0!

Elder Hubert and Elder Stephens
Wednesday we exchanged back at like 3, and at 3:30 we exchanged with the Assistants and I got to go with Elder Stephens again in our area of Spanish B.  It was great!  We were able to teach a bunch of lessons and really help put ourselves out there!

A lot of the rest of our week was dedicated to doing preparatory things for our meeting with the Stake President and Mission President on Sunday - Missionary Coordination Meeting for the Milwaukee South Stake/Zone.  So, that took up a lot of time.  :P  But it ended up being great because it was SUPER hot outside all of Thursday and Friday and that's when we did a lot of it!  But yeah, heat waves hit Wisconsin!
Elder Hubert and the Guille's family
But on Friday night, we drove up to a city called Mukwonago to spend the entire day of Satudray iwth the Kettle Moraine Elders, blitzing their area.  Elder Lee went with Elder Muir, and I went with Elder Biggs and the entire day Saturday we went and worked hard in their area to give it a little bit of a boost.  During our time there we were able to find 5x as many new investigators as they've found in the last month working themselves - it was incredible how much the Lord blessed us!  :D  Also, while we were there, we got a txt right as soon as some thick clouds rolled in overhead.  It said to take cover IMMEDIATELY because we were on Tornado Watch.  We went to a restaurant to have lunch, and on our way there we took a turn and saw that the sky/clouds were GREEN - that means that the sky is ready to spit out some tornadoes...  So, we hurried along to get some lunch, and luckily no tornadoes touched the ground.  If they did, I'd probably be freaking out...  :P

Lastly, one miracle we had on Sunday is that our investigator Jesus Franco came to church and is preparing himself to be baptized this next Sunday!  We're stoked for him to make that choice and progression!  :D  

I love each of you, and I know that the church is true and that Christ is the foundation with the BofM as the keystone.  What a blessing it is to be on the Earth at this time!  :D  Have a great week!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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