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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Miracles, MCM, Weird week!

But yeah, so this week was definitely a weird one!  And the reason that it was weird is because Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was preparing for a meeting that we had on Sunday with the Stake President and the Mission President - so we had to call 18 companionships in the zone and get information about recent converts, baptismal dates, and all of the administrative stuff on the mission so we could discuss things and the needs of the missionaries and the stake and decide on goals that we can do to improve the work that happens between the missionaries and the stake - and hey we've got a lot of things that we can do to help people at!!!  :D

But yeah, let me tell you about the amazing miracles that we had this week:

Even though we had the MCM thing to do throughout the entire week and even though that did take a lot of time from proselyting from the week, we still had some time and that is one thing that I was really excited about, was at least getting a few hours to knock some doors and teach some lessons.  As the mission goes on and everything, we begin to realize how precious time is.  Administrative stuff is good, but what a miracle it is to have time to talk to the Lord's precious children, even if we only got to teach a few lessons.  

But yeah, one of those miracles is that we got to go on exchanges with Elder Allen and Elder Mullen of the Oak Creek Ward!  They are super hard working elders, and I was privileged to be able to work with Elder Allen in my Spanish area.  The first lesson that we had together was that we visited with Darleene Ortiz in Cudahy, and we even had a member come out and help us with that!  Sister Torres, who thought she was the only member in Cudahy, came with us and was so excited to come and teach with us, and we talked a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Recently, I've had a new question that I have loved asking other people: "What do you need to do NOW to reach ______ (fill in a goal."  We've used that one with members in discussing the Temple, we've used it with Investigators with baptism, but also having an eternal perspective and teaching everybody towards the Temple and making sure that they know what we're about and what we're here to help them work towards!  :D

We were actually able to visit Darleene again later in the week, but that time with Jared Rivera, her cousin.  So, that time we taught her and her 3 kids about the Plan of Salvation.  They loved it, and we used that question again - "What do you need to do now to prepare yourself?"  The kids want to be baptized, but all we need to do is help Darleene get to church and realize that this is the right place to be.  :)  

During the week, we also had a great visit with Ramon Ruiz where he made us food, and the miracle was when his granddaughter April was over at the house, and I've never seen April at church and we started talking about that with her.  She told us that she just had a hard time getting up in the morning because she is up really late doing various things, and then some scriptures just popped into my head from 2 Nephi 1 or 2 (don't remember), but they're all about "Awake and Arise from the deep sleep..."  She thought it was really funny that there were scriptures about that, and then this was how we applied it:  we told her that anything could make her awake.  Her mom could wake her up in the morning, or her sister, or her alarm clock...  BUt only she could make herself "arise" in the morning to actually do something.  :)  It was good, and the miracle is that she came to church on Sunday!  We did not have any investigators at church, even though we were expecting like 3, but we did have 3 less active members come to church, and one of them is progressing right now to receive the Aaronic Priesthood!  :D  I'm so stoked for that!  :D

But yeah, that's the week!  The Lord really is fulfilling His promise to give the Gospel to everybody, and the longer I've been out the more I realize that that means to ALL of us - even those of us that are already baptized. He wants us to continually receive more and more levels of His gospel and commit them to how we live our lives.  :)

I continue to learn more and more the logner that I've been on my mission and the more the Lord's hand is able to touch my life.  I challenge each of you to look for His hand every day!  It is always there!  Love you SO much - talk to you later!

--Elder Nate Hubert

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